Trump Refuses To Compromise On Wall Funding For DACA Deal

The President has clearly stated that he has no intentions to sign a DACA deal for Congress unless wall funding is included.

“No. No. No.,” he stated when asked if would sign the DACA bill without some form of wall funding.

Here is what he said,

“We need the wall for security, we need the wall for safety.”

“We need the wall from stopping drugs from pouring in.”

“Without the wall, it all doesn’t work … we need the wall, we have to have the wall for security purposes.”

Security is number one and so the answer is — have to have the wall.”

  • parthenon1

    Go Mr. President ! ” Git ‘er Done ” or “Shut ‘er Down”

    • jim jones

      Get ‘er Done MY ASS, he is trying to make a deal to keep the “dreamers” in America, and has done very little to get the millions of other illegals out. All Talk!

      • gvette

        I’d a been easier if your gay Muslim coon hadn’t let them in in the first place.

  • jackcandobutwont

    NO to daca, to the 40-50,000,000 illegals in the US, no to H1 visas, deport them all….and when caught re entering illegally, harvest their organs!!

    Word gets out, they’ll stop!1

    • Gail Davis


    • Maggiemae

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Nothing has been done for way too many years. The last 8 years allowed the illegals to flood this country.,,,so that the control freaks in the Democratic party could turn our country into a gestapo led by the Dems. Hitler would be proud.

      • jackcandobutwont

        YEP~!! immigration has gone unchecked for 35+ years… since teddie Kennedy and the 1965 Immigration Act……teddie should be dug up and hanged for that bit of legislation!!

        • Maggiemae

          AndAWS therein lies all the problems. I am an immigrant….a LEGAL one. We came from Europe WHEN the USA said we could…not when my parents wanted to come. There were LAWS that were followed to ‘control’ immigration to a ‘needed’ basis. My father HAD to have a job. We HAD to have a sponsor. We HAD to have a place to live. After all of that was met….we had to wait until the USA said we could enter. Apparently the ‘libtards’ weren’t in control back then…we actually used to have a Republican and a Democratic party back then. Lost that when the O was elected. Even the media calls them ‘the left’….not the Democrats….apparently the name no longer fits as there is NOTHING democratic about them. The new face of the ‘gestapo’.

          • jackcandobutwont

            People who immigrated to the US….were assets and contributed to the economy….nowadays they are mooches, sucking our social services dry, stealing jobs from legal Americans, not acclimating, not wanting to become US citizens, demanding special conditions and services!! DEPORT THEM ALL!!

          • Maggiemae

            And that IS the fault of our Congress. The liberals want to give, give, give away our last dollar to ILLEGALS….I think just for a vote they ‘hope’ to get. I was 16 when we were able to get citizenship and I also had too take an oath, along with my parents. Both my parents worked full time and would never have taken a penny from anyone. They were hard workers and provided a decent living for us. I do think that Germans have a good work ethic as all 5 of us have worked since we each turned 16….15 for me….and to this day ALL have good jobs, good families. Those values do carry on.

          • jackcandobutwont

            Liberals love to give other people’s money away….it makes them feel good inside… they actually did something!!

  • GreyHairandGreyMatter

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

    Why should he? It’s one of the integral reasons in my opinion why he won the presidency in the Electoral College.

    Fred Harden III aka “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

  • Greg Zonker

    we need and want the wall–if I had my way, we do not need a DACA–deport them all,.
    Shut down the government if needed. That is fine with me

  • billy1st

    He’s doing an Awesome job, We can help him this year by voting them out! Get people in who are going to back him! It may take a little work to find out about the one to vote for, but in the long run it will be worth it!

  • Kirk Kahler

    damn right and we all know that the democrats deal would never happen if trump was to take any deal from them ! we have seen over and over again that they are liars ! two faced ! bully’s ! corrupt ! the left will never honor any deal that they make cuz once they get what they want they shit in every one ! democrats can not be trusted ever ! we the people voted trump in and we want the safety that will come from the wall and ending the way these people come in to our country ! Americans are sick of being the cash cow for the democrats illegals to get free medical ! food stamps ! housing ! and free school when there are millions of Americans that are in need of help ! as we are seeing the democrats want all of these illegals for one thing and one thing only VOTES !! they only care about power and the money that comes from it ! the left have show us in the last year how corrupt they are ! that they are anti American ! anti free speech – military – life – faith – history – white men ! we see now that the elites of the democratic party support terror/hate groups ANTIFA and BLM and openly support there violence !

  • Dan Menard

    In politics as in life, “compromise” is a key facet for moving forward and getting things done. It happens all the time in our own daily lives and with our personal families. Each member has their own agenda that needs resolution if the family is to continue to move forward. President Trump is the head of our “national family”and it is up to him to ultimately find solutions where there often seems to be none. Will everyone be happy? Most likely not! And that is where compromise comes into play. No one get all of the pie, but they do get enough to meet some of their demands and thus progress is made. That in a nut shell, is life and politics.

  • baitmando

    No wall, no DACA, nothing but illegal alien security.

  • swampfox2

    Yes to the wall…no to DACA!!

  • Dodie1990

    We need the wall to keep the garbage coming here for the Free Ride they now receive. End all benefits, end “anchor babies” , dreamers and any thing that rewards them. Deport all illegals. build the wall. We elected you to keep the illegals out.

  • Paul Kalmakoff

    God bless the POTUS, for continuing on the right path for America!
    …DON’T EVER FLINCH! 😉 🙂 🙂

  • Paul Erwin

    the wall would make our brave agents job a whole lot easier,they put their life on the line each and every day,give them the tools to do it better,patrolling the border with brush,hills,hiding places to attack agents would be gone,the advantage is also high ground,to spot longer distances away,lights,motion sensors,barbed wire,covered areas from line of fire by the cartels,drug runners,gang members,help these agents go home to their families EVERY NIGHT,how can you put a price tag on the safety and security of American citizens and our country

  • Dennis Anderson

    Our country is going to crap! I ordered double pane window for my housing rental 3 months ago and they are still not here.
    I loosing out on $25.00 a day. I try ordering gifts from Wal – Mart in Ventura, California for my grand son. I was put on hold 3 times then finally talked to someone who said they couldnt do that? Our country is going backwards this isnt 1951. It has something to do with the people that get hired. You can use your sweet imagination on the rest???

  • Russ Marquardt

    No wall no DACA Sounds fair to me ….. Although the wall may not be the total answer it most certainly is a step in the right direction ….. Just Sayin ‘

  • Melody Reed

    Thank you so much Mr. President for sticking to your guns!!! No Wall – No Daca!!

  • Gail Davis

    I like the idea, build the wall with no DACA. Heard 30% are illiterate we don’t need that here in the US. The are costing us 62 billion a year to keep. Send them home! AMERICANS FIRST!

  • David Seale


  • gene smiith

    BRAVO Mr. President….We The People are with you on this. You promised the Country you would protect our Southern Border and Thanks so much for sticking with your promise.
    Sadly, there are far too many elected Officials who view campaign promises as merely methods to get elected…with NO INTENTION of keeping them.
    You are certainly setting a much needed and overdue precedent…BRAVO MR< PRESIDENT

  • Don Parkhurst

    id buy bricks with my name on them for 5-20 bucks each,just think how many bricks would be sold if they were 5 bucks each,even at 20 id still buy at least 5