Why Trump Shouldn’t Worry About Russia Collusion

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that President Trump is busy dealing with policy and not wasting time on special counsel Robert Muller’s probe.

Conway stated, “Look at what just happened last week while basically everybody was focusing on the nonsense, the VA choice legislation, $5.2 billion to make sure that care for our veterans is not interrupted. This has been a big problem for so many of them, and they can access private care, and there will be reimbursement for that if they can’t find quality care timely through the VA which most say they can. The right to try legislation passed. Dodd-Frank, what is that? That helps consumers make more independent choices for themselves in the marketplace.”

“He is getting Josh Holt back. This is the second time in 17 days we have had Americans brought back here, reunited with their families. The economy could not be better. All-time low unemployment numbers among African-Americans, Hispanic. And 18-year low among women and the economy just continues to grow. The tax cuts are in place. Regulation is lower. And this president is on the brink, again, of bringing conversation and coordination between North Korea and South Korea for the first time in 18 years. A North Korean official will be coming to America on the way to New York.”

“So much is happening that has nothing to do with this phony-baloney, talking about the 2016 election. May I say one thing? Every time people talk about this phony Russia collusion, the word collusion doesn’t have legal significance — every time it’s written by responsible people, every time they talk about this, they are talking about the 2016 election. And so we don’t want to talk about the 2016 election. We work here. The president is focused on the 2018 election. He is assembling a team for 2020. Every single day he is passing policies that positively affect American lives. I will talk about that all day long.”

  • voltage737

    Just keep up the great work President Trump. We stand right behind you and appreciate what you have accomplished so far even with the dems having your hands tied. God bless President Trump.

  • Ken

    Just think of the good that could have been done with the 200 millions, and counting, that has been wasted on a phony investigation that was never justified in the first place. Mueller, Comby, McCabe, etc. should pay for it.