Trump Squashes Obama’s Political Correctness Culture

When Donald Trump spoke the the Values Voter Summit in mid-October, it was a speech that the media mostly missed. And within that speech was a part that went even more ignored than the speech itself: A rebuke of political correctness, the ascendant philosophy among liberals during the Obama years.

Yet, it was something that resonated with the American public: The ability to say “Merry Christmas” again.

It’s something that may seem small to you. However, first look at where it happened: the Values Voter Summit.

The Christian gathering, which describes itself as “a forum to help inform and mobilize citizens across America to preserve the bedrock values of traditional marriage, religious liberty, sanctity of life and limited government that make our nation strong,” has been deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Yes, apparently, believing those things now puts you in league with the KKK and the tiki-torch thugs in Charlottesville. It’s little wonder, then, that a new poll reveals a vast majority of conservatives think the political climate prevents them from saying what they feel.

We’ll get to that in a moment, but first Trump’s comments. He told the Washington audience how political correctness had affected public speech, especially for Christians.

“How times have changed, but you know what, now they are changing back again, just remember that,” the president said.

“As we approach the end of the year, we’re getting into that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore.

“They don’t use the word ‘Christmas’ because it’s not politically correct. You go to department stores and they’ll say ‘Happy New Year’ and other things. And it’ll be red, they’ll have it painted but they don’t say (it),” Trump said

“Well guess what? We’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

The crowd responded with a lengthy standing ovation.

The very fact that “Merry Christmas” has become taboo in America shows just how free speech has become muffled in America.

A new poll released Tuesday by the libertarian Cato Institute found that a majority of people who identified as moderate, conservative or strongly conservative agreed with the statement that “(t)he political climate these days prevents me from saying things I believe because others might find them offensive.”

In the moderate category, 57 percent agreed as opposed to 41 percent who disagreed. Seventy percent of conservatives agreed compared with 28 percent who disagreed, and 76 percent of strong conservatives agreed compared with 24 percent who disagreed.

Liberals disagreed with the statement by a margin of 54 to 45 percent, and strong liberals disagreed by 69 percent to 30 percent — telling numbers indeed.

This is the kind of climate where standing up for what you believe is even more critical than ever. The Obama administration was always the vanguard of political correctness, especially when it came to Christianity. The Trump administration has proved it’s going to be different.

The media may have glossed over Trump’s speech, but it’s an important one about how the White House plans to act when it comes to religious values. The president isn’t going to be silent, and he doesn’t want conservatives to be, either.

“I pledged that in a Trump administration, our nation’s religious heritage would be cherished, protected and defended like you have never seen before,” the president said in the same speech

“Above all else in America, we don’t worship government. We worship God.”

And that’s something that needs to be said — over and over again.


  • Solomon Rybak

    There is a difference between being imprisoned by ‘political correctness’ and having ‘diarrhea ‘ of the mouth.

  • Patrick Murphy

    If you give in and follow them don’t cry foul. I on the other hand believe Merry Christmas is the way of freedom to be what ever i want. I say never give in to those who would take away our civil rights as you will never get them back. I am a Citizen and not a subject that can be told what to do. Which are you?

    • Solomon Rybak

      I am for thinking what you say , before saying it. I believe that ‘words’ are a most precious currency. One should be very careful before spending it.

      • Patrick Murphy

        That is what has become the problem now days. I don’t care what people think about what i say as it’s all on me what i do. I never have to say i’m sorry for anything. That is true freedom. My freedom does not depend on any one else for any O.K.’s. And i am just fine with that. I am a American by birth and free to do as i please. And Merry Christmas every one and God Bless.

        • Solomon Rybak

          I truly envy you, never having to go to confession. G-d Bless us ALL.


    Merry Christmas to All, If you are Offended, I could give a Flying EFF !

    • apzzyk

      Christmas, just like the words of the Pledge, has just totally lost their real meaning.

      • Ladypyro

        If that is what you truly believe in your heart, I pity you. You have lost your way in this politically correct liberal propaganda. You need to go back to your roots and rediscover how great we can be with a little faith. Christmas is what you make of it in your home and heart. Find a new tradition that has meaning. I rediscovered my belief when I spent a couple of hours at my nearby nursing home. These forgotten people cherish your company more than any gift you could give them. I found appreciation for our great nation by visiting British Honduras. Their quality of life is drastically reduced from our country. In some parts, they don’t have running water or a toilet that flushes. Huts are made out of corrugated metal tacked together with dirt floors.
        It sounds like you have lost the meaning in your life. No body can find it for you. That is your journey to take. I wish you luck.

  • apzzyk

    When we hear of ‘political correctness’ at a speech before the ‘Values Conference’ and the look that the group of non-practicing Christians leading the way to flee the brick and mortar churches so that they will not be inflicted with any formal association with these bunch of reationaries, you find that he is talking to the most pollitically correct organization in the US. The member of this minority are the ones that will accept no discent from its social issues adjenda – do the ‘log cabin republicans’ even exist much less make their views known. When you compare Nixons enemies list to that of Trump – you will find the most of the people in the US – all of those who did not vote for him and the bunch that would never have voted for him if they had known the details of his great promises before the election. A friend, who also has the Ph.D. but in a different area voted for him just because he promised to prosecute Hillary – which he announced right after the election that he would not due (no intent no crime) has not responded for almost a year to my question regarding whether he would vote for Trump again? Another person who just won’t go public and admitting that he made a mistake – he lives in CA, so his vote for Trump really didn’t count. I did not agree enough with Obama so that when he ran for his second term to have voted for him just because he was a democrat and actually considered McCain until the totally brainless and now Trump supporter appeared on the ballot. If McCain would have just had a running mate that was someones pet rattle snake he might have gotten my vote. I felt comfortable when I disagreed with Obama because direcly or indirectly I would get a well reasoned reply rather than just name calling. To be president takes some flexibility and, most of all credibility – Trump is more ridged than one of the base supports for the new world trade center and has about no credibility at all – he even denies lying when his direct words, in contact are cited. After hearing what Trump said yesterday, my nominally conservative caregiver asked me why he had not been assinated yet – I had to tell her about no clear shot yet. More hate crimes cited since he was elected than in all of Obama. The Thornton shooter of a day ago, only shot Latinos, and was far from friendly with his Latino neighbors in his apartment complex.

    • lorddragonstar

      FAKE HATE CRIMES! Prior to yakking off your mouth, don the research! Tons of hate crimes occurred due to OBAMA! He hates this country. He is even on a ‘hot mic’ complaining about Americans being patriotic on the Fourth of July and even said he HATED that date. OBAMA ENCOURAGED all eacism against WHITES!

      • apzzyk

        Hate crimes became a Federal Law so that in certain specified conditions the Feds could take jurisdition from or add to jurisdiction of the states – Roof was charged with State Murder laws, and then pled guilty to the Federal Hate crime to avoid the death penalty. You can be charged with both state and federal crimes for the same action. If you will look at the numbers, the number of people charged and possibly convicted of Hate Crimes are primarily and overwhemingly white. So far, the driver of the car that killed the woman in Charlottsville has only been charged with state crimes because the woman who died was also white. This crime can be traced back to the civil rights act of 1876 which also provided for criminal charges against local officials by Federal Courts because both at the time and continuing until today crimes of whites for violence on black were simply not prosecuted. In many cases that came to the Federal Courts on these statutes it was found that the law enforcement offices who should have investigated and proecuted were actually members of the organizations, such as the Klan, whose other members actually committed the crimes. Even now, we find very few minorities charged with hate crimes even when their victims are mostly white, because the federal Hate Crimes law requires proof that the INTENT was to just to make members of another group the victims.
        A Federal court just recently ruled that Black Lives Matter could not be charged as a group because it has no formal organization, but is actually a spontaneous social movement where all can participate. This is the reason why the Tea Party has not separated its self from the GOP as it should because of the different, in the beginning, adjendas. Now we find the religious movement of Trump which also cannot be prosecuted as a proper or legal person.
        I would like to point out that Obama never took on a whole ethnic or miniroty group or even a group of people who were not legally here with hate speech. He took on terrorism without referring to any religious or ethnic group , but by just using the names that the few had given to themselves, and never called a grouup murdrers, rapists or any type of criminals, where the Trump has done this whenever the opportunity has presented itself – Un American by group punishment with the same for Liberal , etc.

  • yankee clipper

    God Bless President Trump and God Bless the USA!

  • Ed Dosh

    The SPLC is a socialist/communist organization that tries to dishonor anything that is favored by the conservative community. They are not only un-american but anti-christian, anti-freedom and anti- gentile. Don’t believe me?? Check it out for yourself.

  • CCblogging

    I thank God everyday that Donald Trump is in our White House. Trump is not a GLOBALIST and that is why our Globalist Fascist Deep State Government hates him. The handful of Fascist Globalist Elites who control the Deep State and are implementing the NWO World Government, need to be identified and outed! It’s us or them, believe it or not. Anyone know who they are? Start printing their names and addresses and we can repost the info.

    • ipsd48

      Well, we KNOW Soros is one

  • Doris Will
  • Doris Will
  • kzig

    This “political correctness” stupidity is one more method to diminish the USA. 100 years ago, Wilson had his “alter-ego”, a flaming socialist named Edward Mendel House calling the shots from behind the oval office curtains. Col. House hated America and fed that hatred to Wilson. Today we have a parallel story, namely Obama and his ‘alter ego”, Valerie Jarrett, an avowed muslim who seems also to hate America. One can only guess what hatred she stirred up during the past eight years. I for one will say “Jesus is the reason for the season, MERRY CHRISTMAS”