Trump Suggests McConnell Step Aside

It’s time to #DitchMitch.

There’s really no debate about that.

Sen. McConnell is good at what he does when he is leading an opposition party and he did a great job getting Gorsuch through.

Other than that, he really doesn’t have that great of a record.

The failure to repeal Obamacare was an unmitigated disaster and the blame rests squarely on his shoulders.

He had one job and he didn’t get it done.

Today, President Trump seemed to agree with that conclusion.

From Associated Press:

President Donald Trump is suggesting that the Senate’s top Republican should step aside if he can’t pass Trump’s legislative agenda.

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  • chucklc

    Absolutely agree!

    • Bill

      Chuckic, absolutely agree 110 percent.

    • truthseeker

      He received up to 25 Million dollars from his Father n’ Law ( Chow) as a gift. Funny thing is one of Chows boats that was suppose to be carrying coal, also was carrying I think it was Cocaine . In any case nothing was done and now Mitch McConnell is 25 some million dollars richer. He has been in since LBJ . We really need term limits on some of these die in the wool greedy individuals who do not have our interest in mind.

  • Dale

    Hell yes!

  • RightVote

    Looking / Watching McConnell…….
    He ‘LOOKS’ like the human Counterpart of the Deer in the Headlights expression.

    Hey Mitch, You’re Lazy , and you exposed the Senate Politicians (both Parties) that LAZINESS is a ‘Way-of -Life’ ! and PROUD of IT ! Jerk !

    • Gen11American

      You’re right about McConnell’s expression. Though it doesn’t instill any confidence, that “deer in the headlights” expression is infinitely preferable to the look of pure evil which Obama projected after being re-elected in 2012. Once re-elected, he truly became a Muslim Dictator and granted permission to the UN to begin flooding in UNVETTED Middle Eastern Muslim refugees. In 3 years, 3 million ME refugees were “Permanently Resettled” in the US, and disbursed all over this country, in facilities located near our military bases, in FEMA camps, and in towns and cities and states, none of which were notified ahead of time so they were totally unprepared to provide for Muslims we never wanted brought into this country in the first place! We’re more than happy to accept Middle Eastern Christian refugees who being threatened with extinction, but the least desirable immigrant group which this nation has ever foolishly allowed in has been the Muslims! The reason the Democrats find them so desirable is because they consistently vote 97% for Democrats! And since so many Muslim refugees collect Social Welfare Benefits, they are helping to bankrupt this country, which is a goal of the Democrats also! DO THE US A FAVOR AND DON’T VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATS!

      • RightVote

        Gen11………..America is For $ale………..
        In many instances it has been ‘Bought and Paid For’ by Outsiders, BUT facilitated by AMERICAN POLITICIANS.
        AMERICA Is in Trouble. !

        • Gen11American

          I know. Back in the 1970’s, when our government was debating whether to allow foreigners to buy property in the US, I protested vigorously because my instincts were screaming at me that it would lead to disaster, and everything I predicted back then has come true, only things are actually much worse because our politicians not only don’t fulfill their oaths of office to protect the American people, since at LEAST 50% of those serving in Congress are globalist puppets, they’re perfectly willing to sell off this nation to those who have openly threatened to destroy us! The only way to curb the insanity is to politically CRUSH the Democrats and RINOs in 2018 election and in the 2020 presidential election also! If they regain power again, we’re done for!

          • RightVote

            Agree………But You MUST include the MSM in the demise of America.
            The Press, once known as the 4th Estate , has become the 5th Column !
            I believe it was Romney who said, paraphrasing, If we don’t win this election (2012) America will be on the verge of ‘tipping’…………
            I think America HAS TIPPED !
            And about VOTING (?) (aside from TRUMP) My candidates have NOT WON in decades.
            The REPUBS have NO MESSAGE …… Haven’t for DECADES.
            Bush 41 NEVER EVER carried forward the REGAN DOCTRINE………
            He advanced GLOBALI$M !

          • Gen11American

            The reason Bush 43 advanced globalism was because the Bush Family has been one of the premier promoters of globalism for many decades. Bush 41 just didn’t announce it publicly until he was inaugurated president. His call for a “New World Order” is one of the mistakes that cost Bush Senior a second term in office. Had he served a second term, I doubt Bush 43 would have run in 2000. That would likely have meant having Al Gore as president, which would have been an unmitigated disaster, just as Obama’s presidency turned out to be. Unless our country reinstates a Meritocracy, and starts rewarding winners instead of losers, and ceases bolstering the less talented for purposes of “diversity,” we’ll continue having a severe lack of inspired patriotic leadership which is essential to assure our Republic continues.

          • PEACEONEARTH


          • Gen11American

            Too hard on the hips so I’ll pass. But I use that same word every time I watch the news, or read another internet article about our failure to stand up to the forces of evil trying to destroy this country. My ancestors have been since 1640, they helped build this country, fought in the Revolutionary War, fought in the Civil War to end slavery and reunite our nation, and Obama’s racist BS undid virtually all unity in just 8 years!

          • PEACEONEARTH


      • Frank629

        grea great post Gen.

      • truthseeker

        Good point on why we need to ” Drain the Swamp” !

    • truthseeker

      He looks like he just swallowed his Dentures .

  • RightVote

    “Ditch Mitch” won’t leave the SENATE or His PERCHED Position til he’s Toe Tagged.
    Mitch is a Political Lifer. !

    • truthseeker

      Did you see Mitch McConnell’s Office! Well when President Trump visited it. You noticed a highly polished elevator doors. This is not a public elevator, but Mitch’s own Private elevator which you enter. The elevators open into a grand Hall way , You pass this clock which is called: ” The Ohio Clock”, before you turn left through a double doorway you notice he has his own Private Balacony and then go down that hallway to his Office which has another Double doors. That makes a statement, that he is much more important than our President and you never hear of leaks coming from his Office.

      • Patricia Eddy

        Yeah right, tongue in cheek!!!!

      • RightVote

        So I will reply with…………Mitch is LivingLarge………He is A PROFESSIONAL
        POLITICIAN………(You can’t embarrass that species) ! Again, I will repeat,
        with such accommodations, he will leave the office ‘Toe Tagged’ !

        • truthseeker

          Yah! Everyone has forgotten about Nancy Pelosi’s Office that is costing us $10,500 a month, cause it is all that Green Energy. To some that is a years wages.

    • MS_Steve

      It’ll be extremely hard to knock this sucker off the government Tit of Power… just like McStain (he like a da juice)

  • baitmando

    Dump the RINO now!

  • Archie Cogollos

    how do you remove the man…vote of confidence…and have somebody run against him??? gonna have to look it up…but that was a bullshit statement he made about Prez Trump’s expectations…he had 7…7 7
    God Damned years…..he should have been on everybody that was questionable ass and had people working on previously submitted ones on Nov 7th…I’m livid….but opinions will vary…

    • ErnieLane

      I don’t know what they can do now, but the Senate Republicans certainly shouldn’t reelect him as Leader.

  • ErnieLane

    He doesn’t support a President of his own Party. It’s that simple.

  • Charlie Silvertooth

    Absolutely. Hes become a closet lib. Worthless

  • gene smiith

    A bigger crime by far, as I see it, is that I would not be surprised if McConnell simply does not want to get Pres. Trumps agenda passed. He and a few others are not exactly secret about their dislike ( Hatred ) for our president. I don’t think it is a stretch to see McConnell, Ryan, Mccain and several others conspiring to do in any and all of Pres. Trumps M>A>GA>A> agenda.

  • Marvin Zeichner

    It’s about time!

  • Don Dittmer

    He should’ve resigned back under Obama!

    • Syl Oliver

      She’s so agree

  • Nancy Hebert

    Mitch McConnell is a shining example of everything that is wrong with politics in DC. He is an establishment crony who goal is to do nothing more than line his pockets and sell out to the highest bidder.

  • kassa1

    McConnell is nothing but a prostitute of the New World order billionaires, it does not seek the good of the American people or his constituents, all he cares about his self serving self. McConnell in my opinion should be taken up by the people of Kentucky and Hanged!

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Yes-Sen.MCONNELL should Retire-As there’s a Whole lot of others GOP and Democrates-That should really Retire-None are putting The American people First-They have forgotten the reason they’re there in a government position.

  • Endlesspath

    McConnell is all about money for “campaign re-election contributions”. You have the cash, he’ll do what you want. McConnell nominated the extremely liberal federal judge (Judge John G. Heyburn II, died 2015) that overturned the Kentucky state marriage amendment ($50k was all it took for McConnell to “look the other way”).
    McConnell is a RINO all the way (aka “Tranny Repub” – thinks he’s a Repub when he’s really a Dem).
    The best thing the democrats have to totally stall any Trump agenda is to have Mitch McConnell as leader of the senate!! It was always my opinion that if McConnell was there at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, McConnell would of held off signing until “the French won the war of Independence for us”!! Remember when McConnell didn’t want to defund Obamacare until the Republicans had the Presidency?

  • rightsmite

    The old guards of the Republican Party need to step down, NOTHING WILL BE ACHIEVED with people like MCCONNELL, Ryan , McCainyhnn Nñ , COLLINS and a handful of other Republican obstructionist. These are the same people that HELPED OBAMA and now are traitors and have joined the Democrats in their efforts to prevent Trump from accomplishing his goals to Make America Great Again!! G a

  • Patrick Murphy

    McConnell reminds me of a basset hound.

  • Paul

    Mitch should step aside immediately. Trump’s addenda is the voters addenda. Therefore, Mitch’s fight is with voters addenda.

  • Syl Oliver

    We All need to take a stand and unite together in a better way and Have peace instead of so much Hate and Discord in our mixed up world

  • Robalou01

    Absolutely, he is totally worthless and a detriment to America.

  • Patricia Eddy

    Mitch is the swamp and is looking out for his assests. He has got to go. He is only for Mitch.

  • Arbie Viau

    Lots of luck in getting the old boy to step aside, he’s deeply entrenched in the “establishment” and no matter what he does, he’s going to play his cards on blaming Trump like the liberals do (as always) in winning his acceptance as leader of the Senate, with the help of the rest of the “establishment” Senators. But what McConnell doesn’t understand is, whether he likes it or not Trump will get his agenda accomplished because things have changed, we the people will insist on the SERVANT Senators do their job in serving, not passing the buck. Either McConnell acquiesce to stepping down, or he will be voted out.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    he’s a democrat worm, the democrats have bin sh*tting on him for 8 years and they are still doing it, funny how the democrats could do anything oboma wanted when they controlled congress and the republicans can’t do anything controlling it ,that tells the whole story