Trump Is Taking Us Back To Space

President Donald Trump had declared late Monday that the U.S. is going to participate in the next great “space race.” He also took a vow to ensure that American astronauts will once again stand on the moon and go beyond by exploring Mars.

The President made the comments while signing the new NASA directive that re-tasks the agency whose role is “as a logistical agency for low Earth-orbit activities.”

The POTUS even hinted at building some kind of  base on the moon itself.

“The directive I am signing today will refocus America’s space program on human exploration and discovery.”

“It marks an important step in returning American astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972 for long-term exploration and use. This time we will not only plan on flag and leave our footprint.”

  • John Williams

    Obama, in favor of more social programs, curtailed our ability to excel in the “space race,” another example of his stupidity and willingness to destroy America. We have lost years of advancement in this domain, being dependent on other countries to help us, was ignorant, just like his social programs, when you depend on someone else for something, they own you.

    • Terry Butts

      Like has been said for centuries “give a man a fish he eats for a day teach him how to fish he eats for a lifetime”.

      The modern “social programs” have not been about helping people its been about “giving them fish” and punishing any who try to “fish for themselves” all in an effort to keep people stuck where they are under government regulations and control.

      • John Williams

        As with most things done by government, control is always the main objective, not the welfare of the people.

  • jim jones

    We will need outer space to escape the pollution on earth created by greedy, lazy pigs who are to fucking stupid to use the technology available to protect our environment from the ills of manufacturing!

    • Terry Butts

      The polution is more the fact the government regulations are more about having a way to punish businesses that refuse to become “politically correct” than actually doing something about pollution. As well as the fact the government allows any REQUIRED purchase by them to mark their products up as much as 500% or more in some cases reducing the amount of technology businesses could purchase they unlike the government have to stick to their budgets or go bankrupt.

      When they give POLLUTION credits to politically correct businesses and FINE ones that actually followed their regulations to the letter (for example falsely ticketing someone for burning UNTREATED wood under a ban on burning PRESSURED TREATED (infused with toxic chemicals) wood, Fining oil companies for not adding a THEORETICAL substance not available anywhere to the oil etc.) because they refused to impose dictates on their workers that are outside the legal rights of an employer. (For example not firing someone for openly stating personal opinions in social media about certain politicians)

      When the EPA that sought special funding over a mine they considered so polluted the SLOW LEAK into the nearby river warranted special funding and cleanup accidentally dumps the entire polluted content of the mine into the river all at once and its suddenly HARMLESS or NO BIG DEAL (yet they would have fined any private company that did the same thousands a day until it was cleaned up) It becomes clear it is more about controlling the people, their property, and their land use rather than protecting the environment from pollution.

      • ipsd48

        Actually, there WAS no leak into the Animas river until the EPA breached the burm

        • Terry Butts

          Most likely true that does not stop the EPA however from using the claim as an excuse to do what ended up making a massive one.

          Most of what the EPA does is based the supposed intent to PROTECT from POSSIBLE contamination even when irrefutable evidence shows it has not affected the people or animals in the area.

          For example that town a few years back that they wanted to COMPLETELY relocate over the “lead problem” claiming the high amount of lead from the 100+ year old lead mine that was actually built there to extract that lead from the environment for use in whatever requires it.

          Someone actually had the intelligence to call them on their claim and demand proof that there was even a single case of lead poisoning in the town connected to lead contaminated dirt since the mine was in operation.

          They could not find one single case to prove their claim that it was HARMING the people or their children just by being in the dirt.

    • ipsd48

      Interesting that you rail against industry………………while using a product of industry to get your message across

  • Sweet willy

    The reason there is not a moon base: No presidential leadership. The past three presidents had very little knowledge of what the space program has done for the USA and the world. The NASA director appointed by ocrapo had no idea what his job was. Also, keep in mind that all of past NASA budgets have been spent on Earth, not in space/moon/Mars or beyond. MAGA