Who Trump Thinks Wrote The NYT Op-Ed

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway admitted that most of the staff within President Trump’s administration don’t believe the anonymous New York Times op-ed is someone within the White House and Trump thinks “it’s somebody in national security.”

Christiane Amanpour questioned, “Do you think that person is inside the White House?”

Conway immediately responded with, “Most of us don’t think that. The president just today said he believes it’s somebody in national security. But what I do believe is that who has said that ought to come forward and say it, or ought to resign.”

  • ROB

    It is the typical progressive, liberal, socialist , yellow belly, blood sucking democrat. MO fits them to a tee..

    • ATillerson1950

      I believe the OP-ED writer is Fiona Hill. In her resume, she wrote she worked for a George Soros organization and the liberal Brookings Institute. I cannot understand why she was hired and remains to be in the Whitehouse. In my opinion, anyone associated with George Soros should never be considered for work there especially not in a position associated with national security. Who hired here is another question that should be considered. I consider her to be a mole who needs to be ousted asap!

  • Capn Jack

    “Anonymous” is synonymous with cowardlynous !

  • gene smith

    Our President deserves so much more than this constant attack and threats.

    • Stephen Howe

      Given the incessant charcter assassination he’s endure who could blame him for being a bit “unhinged?”

  • Christiann

    The person who wrote the bogus piece must hang!!!

    • julie kemp

      or at least go to jail for treason.

  • Chuck

    The NY Times is a dying, left wing, propaganda sheet. I think someone there wrote the OP-Ed (?).

    • Artemis

      Well within the realm of possibility!

  • Publius Hamilton

    If I were Trump I would schedule a televised prime time address and accuse The NY Times of fabricating the whole thing as a propaganda ploy “because surely even the NYTimes would not knowingly facilitate and/or withhold the identity of someone who is actively jeopardizing national security and undermining our Commander in Chief for partisan political gain”

    Mr Trump, Call them liars and double dog dare them to prove that this backstabbing weasel actually exists at all.

    • julie kemp

      Oh yes they would.

  • Artemis

    The whole thing appears to be just another Liberal “diversion”, or “distraction” and we should simply ignore it! Unfortunately Pres. Trump has been Reactive, which plays along with their childish behavior! Their whole “Clown Act” during the Nomination Hearings for the SCOTUS was embarrasing to anyone with half a brain,
    but, then again, we must consider the source!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Whoever it was is a treasonous traitor who should go to prison.
    Omarosa is a spy who should also go to prison for espionage.
    President Trump has been good to her and this is how she repays him?
    Sickening how all of these leeches and blood suckers try to get rich off
    of him.

    • julie kemp

      Well said.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Thanks Julie.

  • julie kemp

    The left must be really scared of Trump because I have never seen such a dysfunctional national attempt by them to bring him down. Won’t work. It makes us see them for what they are and makes us unite in favor of our President who is working day and night for US.

  • Doran Zeigler

    I think it was Jared. He is jealous of Daddy Trump’s desire for Ivanka. Get over it people. The letter stated there were many people who were undermining him. It just wasn’t the person who penned the letter. Does anyone ever think why so many within the government in many departments are so opposed to Trump or why he only has 40% of the people who approve of his performance. Even many Republicans can’t agree with him.

    Unfortunately, there is a segment of the populace who really believe Trump is an upstanding honest fellow who is fighting for the downtrodden. There is not much we can do about that. Our country is in bad shape. It was brought to this point by both Democratic and Republican presidents. Clinton. Obama, Bush and now Trump who is continuing the slide into decadence. The problem with all of them was they favored and protected the corrupt corporations and criminal Banksters instead of doing things for the people.

    We give Israel 15 million dollars per day. They have free medical care and free education. When it comes to those things for Americans, we are told we cannot afford them. What has happened to family values? Why are there no jobs for our children who went into deep debt to better themselves. Why are we fighting corporate wars and supporting the terrorists we supposedly hate? Why is there a 21 trillion dollar debt which rises every second.? Why can’t the military account for nine trillion missing dollars?

    It took a long time to get to this low point. Blame must be shared by BOTH parties and ALL presidents. Trump cannot be blamed for all of our dire plight. This Russian stuff is all a crock. It is a diversion for all of the people and while we are distracted, the usual corporate criminals and Banksters continue to steal us blind.

    As long as we focus on trivial matters like this letter which could have been written by the opposition, but could have been also written as a psy-op to shore up Trump’s diminishing approval numbers, we will continue into descent. It really doesn’t matter who wrote it because the letter itself is unimportant to anything that concerns the welfare of the people. As long as we bicker about the unimportant, we harm ourselves and our future. To get better and decent presidents, we have to demand a higher quality of candidates. We cannot be content with choosing the lesser of the evils and attempting to turn the winners into the champions and heroes they are not.

    • Stephen Howe

      “Unfortunately, there is a segment of the populace who really believe Trump is an upstanding honest fellow who is fighting for the downtrodden. ”

      Yeah, IDIOT…the half the electorate that voted for him (minus Hillary’s army of Illegos). Look…we endured your Obongo. Let Trump have his turn.

  • Rodney

    My personal thoughts are that is it was someone inside this administration, they are senior only in that they have been in the bureaucracy through several previous presidents and are disgruntled, but my other sense is it was a staff writer for the NYT’s.

  • Tk Matthews

    Mr. President ,please stop tweeting and posturing and become a “man of actions” as your past exhibits. The “Trump voters” are willing and able to support your actions but not so-much your tweets.A reversion of the saying ” do on to others AS they do on to you ” ! Words are NOT going to win the field so it is time to take actions.

  • bronx61

    Very possible. We certainly have traitors, rogues, and coup-plotters working to overthrow Trump in the “national security community,” and this is just the sort of dirty trick they play as part of their work. Look at the Steele Dossier as an example!

  • Denny Ruffin

    How about that POS, John Brennen?

  • OttoZeit

    Despite the headline, this article DOESN’T tell us who Trump thinks wrote the NYT editorial. Shameless clickbait.

  • parthenon1

    Heck I’m betting its the Omorosa broad or maybe the worn out Porn actress or her lawyer the NY Times can say anythinbg they please true or not as they have always done in the past !

  • MikeS

    Personally, I think that Pocahontas thought it up as a way to get Trump out and then fabricated the Op-Ed and sent it to they NYT herself or had someone else send it. It was just too convenient. All of this crap is just too convenient. They are all working overtime in finding ways to obstruct and to devise our President…..Thank God we have him. Nobody else would be able to stand all of the BS.