Did Trump Violate ‘Human Rights?’

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz recently told MSNBC the Trump administration has “looked away from its legal imperative” has violated the human rights of Puerto Ricans.

She stated people of the country did not have “access to basic human services—like electric power, like water, like food” after Hurricane Maria.

Cruz stated, “This has nothing to do with citizenship. This has to do with being humans. There’s a moral imperative and a legal imperative. It is clear the Trump administration has looked away from its legal imperative. But where the government has failed, the American people have risen to the occasion. We have continued to have volunteers come in.”

“Look, President Trump tweets about the crack of dawn and he hasn’t even tweeted one time to say look, I  mourn with the people of Puerto Rico. So this total neglect has to be called upon. The United Nations says that when people are denied their right to access to basic human services—like electric power, like water, like food, like appropriate medical care—that it is a violation of human rights.”

  • Patrick Murphy

    Time to turn off the American piggy bank and let you fend for your selves since all you do is bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Cynthia Tengonciang Atchley

    OMG, shut up already, everyone knows you are lying and a worthless mayor who is only interested in her own self importance…….

  • Bill

    “She stated people of the country did not have “access to basic human services—like electric power, like water, like food” after Hurricane Maria.”

    What a load of BS….

    “Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico square on in September 2017, causing electrical power outages to 90% of the territory, as well as extensive loss of housing and infrastructure and contamination of potable water. Despite massive efforts, more than 40% of the territory remained without electricity as of yearend 2017. As a result of the destruction, many Puerto Ricans have emigrated to the US mainland.”

    Looks like in less than 9 months after almost total destruction of the power grid 60% has been restored.

  • Jim Wagenmann

    She is upset because she can’t steal more of the food and supplies given to Puerto Rico that she has been selling to private parties for her personal benefit.

  • survivor33

    This lazy lying woman who is suppose to be a mayor has done nothing to help the people out. ALL THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE THERE WHY DO THEY HAVE TO HAVE VOLUNTEERS COME IN TO DO THE NEEDED WORK, WHY DON’T SHE HAVE HER PEOPLE DO THE NEEDED WORK? She seems to be just like Jerry Brown in Calif., and some others everyone knows about.

  • Mike Cummings

    The Democrats in Puerto Rico are in charge , they have been for 40 years. I am sure that they have everything under control. I mean when one political party controls the place what can possibly go wrong ?

    • Rodney

      Haha, exactly!

  • jonpublic

    The corruption and mismanagement of Puerto Rico’s power grid and government is notorious. The power grid was screwed up long before the hurricane. FEMA responded with food, water and medical supplies.

    The corruption may only be corrected by the people of the Puerto Rican people. The hurricane only made the weakness more obvious.

  • Gary Moeller

    This stupid woman tried raising a stink the first time around. Now with the second hurricane hit, she is stirring the pot again. She is totally ineffective as a mayor and should be replaced!

  • Ronald Hagler

    Well. Well. Well. It appears that Mayor Cruz has absent mindedly given more reason not to establish Puerto Rico as the 51st state. Why sould we establish another “Welfare State” when we are already serving such a huge number of Welfare recipients? What right does this “Freeloader” have to suggest that the U.S. owes her town anything? While this is a severe tragedy, is it not the responsibility of Puerto Rico to take care of its own problems? Did we demand Puerto Rico send supplies to Louisiana to rebuild our Gulf Coast when they were struck by two huge, devastating storms in a row? That she, a foreign Mayor, can state (with a straight face) that Trump has turned his back on her city, is testament to what Puerto Ricans expect from the U.S. once they are officially the 51st state! This should never happen!

  • John T. Koszalka

    Another DEMO-RAT with no creditability.

  • Jacki

    It was in the news how supplies to restore electric to Puerto Rico was sent and the Puerto Rican government had it hidden in storage facilities. Power companies from Florida went over and restored the power within weeks, why couldn’t the government power company have restored it when materials were provided by FEMA. Reports were that the Puerto Rican government was hoping to conceal the supplies in order to use them later for non-hurricane related repairs.

  • Agostino

    I recall that she never attended any of the meetings with mayors of other cities to deal with the crisis.

  • Rodney

    This from a mayor who hid supplies from her citizens. The island has bigger problems. Like the theft of funds, the politicians who waste huge amounts of money on non-essentials and total incompetence.

  • Joseph Morgan

    She has been caught hording FOOD and SUPPLIES for use by her chosen “ELITES” and has condemned the people that she was supposed to help then has the audacity to try to blame President Trump for her failures, just like all the liberal socialist communist demo-rats. SHE HAS BEEN CAUGHT “REDHANDED”.

  • randolph.poole

    Let’s just hope that Puerto Rico NEVER is granted statehood!

  • dolittle

    TRUMP has done more for the pureto ricans than he should have they are not a state they are a territory and a rotton one at that all they have ever done is be a drain on america

  • Dinosaur

    There is one point overlooked by so many. Transformers for power grids may take 6 months to manufacture, then shipped and then installed. The USA would be no better off than PR in case of an EMP weapon being used and the grid would take years, possibly decades to rebuild. Moving goods by ship means in some cases lower quantities and longer transport time. This too impairs the rebuilding process. Believe it or not this delay in restoration may be NO ONE’S fault.

  • Marine68

    The Communist bitch threw away much of the food and water because she wanted Cuba or Venezuela to come to the rescue.

  • Ed Campbell

    A worthless demorat

  • Terry Butts

    So now the HURRICANE was somehow caused by Trump?

    He even went so far as to do what they asked as outlined in this link despite the fact it was in fact not hindering anything in the relief efforts.

    It is not the responsibility of the Federal government to take care of the basic needs of citizens it is the responsibility of the citizens to care for themselves aided by LOCAL government in emergencies.

    So for example when LOCAL governments continue to insist that unconscionable permit requirements and other regulatory restrictions on construction , transportation etc. still be imposed during an emergency be complied with for temporary supplying of these needs it is not the FEDERAL government that is to blame for the delays. Especially when it has been proven that supplies that were sent were DIVERTED by people in that very same local government either for political reasons or to line their own pockets.

    We find at this government link that all possible constitutionally allowed aid from the US is being done.

    Short of BYPASSING all the local BS that is delaying things nothing more can be done by the federal government than is already being done once the money and supplies get to Puerto Rico it is up to the local government to take over.

    Remember they actually TURNED down help from some because of POLITICALLY CORRECT nonsense that is not the actions of those who care about the rights of anyone or who is seeking the assistance of this nation.

  • Eugene Crocker

    While she held everything from coming into the Island, then wouldn’t let anything from going to where it was needed. She is now going after the President, who did more for the Island, than she would ever do. She is a representative, of the Democrat Communist Liberal party of the island, she doesn’t want anything good for the people, just herself.