Vandals Target Trump Golf Course

According to the New York Post, on Tuesday morning, vandals climbed the fences at Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx, and used a chainsaw to cut down four massive trees. There’s no evidence as of yet that the crime is related to Trump, or if it was simply a random act of property damage.

General Manager Joe Roediger, however, claims a similar tree-cutting occurred in February.

Heat Street adds that in March, environmental activists vandalized another Trump golf course — this time in California — digging the phrase “No More Tigers, No More Woods” into the earth. The activists later told The Washington Post that “repurposing what was once a beautiful stretch of land into a playground for the privileged is an environmental crime in its own right,” and that they felt “justified” in their actions.

This is ends-justify-the-means politics, and it’s a game the progressive movement has played for a long time. Environmental activists are killing trees and other plant life in order to protest President Trump’s “environmental crime[s].”

Saul Alinsky, a darling of the Left, wrote the following in his famed book, Rules for Radicals:

Life and how you live it is the story of means and ends. The end is what you want, and the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises.

The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. To say that corrupt means corrupt the ends is to believe in the immaculate conception of ends and principles. The real arena is corrupt and bloody. Life is a corrupting process from the time a child learns to play his mother off against his father in the politics of when to go to bed; he who fears corruption fears life…

The means-and-ends moralists, constantly obsessed with the ethics of the means used by the Have-Nots against the Haves, should search themselves as to their real political position. In fact, they are passive — but real — allies of the Haves.

Here’s the lesson — progressives play dirty, and the tree-cutting at Trump’s golf course is simply a microcosm of their ends-justify-the-means philosophy.

If there is anything to be learned from this incident, it’s that if progressives are willing to fight dirty on a small scale for “the greater good,” they are willing to do so on a large scale as well. Conservatives have seen this behavior from Democratic politicians and activists across the board, from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton. Minor corruption is a progenitor of major corruption as long as the means are justified by the end result.


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    I hope there are cameras on the grounds and find out who it is that did this. Then, put their punk ass– in jail for a good long time.

    • Snake

      Put them in a chain gang and make them pull weeds at the Trump golf courses!

    • Camille Gilliam

      He could make them help build the wall, with very little pay, enough for their food and a tent to sleep in.

  • Joe Pewter

    typical coward left approach..all left…city mayors…county commissioners..especially washington county mn

  • VirgoVince

    DON’T waste time and money on arresting this garbage, just spray them with Roundup!!

  • depaz

    Easy fix. Armed guards w/ orders to shoot to kill if they see trespassers.

  • Lilipatch

    I know Trump is busy, but the one thing he hasn’t addressed yet is the domestic terrorism on our soil. I get that he’s trying to right some of the wrongs of obuma, and that’s a big plus, but his people are still feeling and seeing obuma’s America out here in the real world. I feel if he doesn’t say or do something HUGE, they will continue to walk all over him and us. Just saying, I’m feeling a little depressed today over this article.

    • gvette

      I see how you feel. Now, the guy has only been in office 5 months. He’s getting battered by both sides. He’s done a lot, for the time he’s been there, but you’ll never hear it i the news! Remember Barry was there 8 years destroying everything he could!

      • Lilipatch

        Thanks for the pep talk; this article just made me see red. I will never stop my support for Trump, and I have been tracking the wonderful things he has already accomplished in such a short time.
        I just feel bad for him that people are destroying his property and the constant abuse he’s enduring from all sides; I just want it to stop. I feel better now, thanks!

        • gvette

          Well my friend. I’m with you. I hate to say it, but get used to it. It’ll be this way for 4 years. The DemonRATS are hateful people. I think about a guy that had a wonderful life. He saw a problem, and want to fix it, or make things better for all of us.It’s every day, of trashing him, his family, and everyone around him. Barry trashed the country, doubled the debt, and you know the rest, and the left though of him as a savior.
          Enjoy your evening!!