Vegas Gunman Gambled $1 Million A Year

Real estate agents said that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock gambled approximately $1 million per year and paid for his home in cash, while neighbors revealed he built a giant privacy screen around his home.

Paddock was drawn to purchasing his home in Mesquite, Nevada in part because it was at the top of a hill, which afforded him privacy, as there were no homes located behind his, CNN reported.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a real estate agent told CNN that Paddock said his source of income was from gambling and that he gambled “about $1 million per year.” The agent also said that Paddock paid for the 2,000-square-foot home – $369,022 – in cash.

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  • blogengeezer

    Family member was professional, Vegas, Phoenix based gambler. Some years rolling in cash, new cars, other years nearly begging for sustenance, unable to drive anywhere. Wife wore furs and diamonds some years, then hand me downs, with no jewelry, in others.

    Ups and downs, wins and losses, right up to the last. Seems Paddock beat all odds and was a very unique… perpetual winner?

    Paying taxes on winnings usually takes a sizable portion, or were his winnings tax exempt for some mysterious, govt favored reason.

  • Gambling is very addictive, wonder what else the loser was addicted to? Power maybe, perhaps he thought all la la could give him power from on high? That makes him a cluster f loser!!!!

  • markypolo

    Banning Democrats from buying guns would cut gun murders down 80 percent. Simple as that.