‘The View’ Calls Melania Unfit

Sunny Hostin of ABC’s “The View,” is claiming that Melania Trump is “the wrong messenger” for an anti-cyberbullying campaign.

Hostin claims, “I don’t think she’s the right messenger for cyber bullying because she can’t seem to control it in her own home. So that’s a problem.”

Co-host Sara Haines questioned Hostin, “Can you control your husband? I can’t control my husband.”

Hostin defensively responded. “Yes. Yes I can.”

“She’s the wrong messenger for cyber bullying, but she’s the wrong messenger for everything almost, because of his behavior. She can’t be involved in the Me Too movement. She can’t be involved in Let’s Get Fit because the man ain’t fit. So there are all these things she can’t be involved in.”

‘”He has, I think, ruined the Republican party, in the sense that the Republican party was always the party of family values. And they talked about the sanctity of marriage. They talked about being faith based. And that was an attractive message to me for many, many years. But now with Stormy and all this stuff and the cyber bullying, this is no longer the Republican party of family values, and I think that’s why people should care about Stormy. That’s why people should care about all these accusers.”

  • If Woopy`s IQ was just half of her weight, she might be worth listening to. When I first saw the view, I thought it was comedy. It1s actually a very sad commentary on our degrading culture.

    • denoferth

      The American media, itself a combination of propaganda and dark comedy, has elevated entertainers like “Woopy” (who names themselves after a fart cushion anyway?) into something similar to all-around politically correct “experts” of all things political, social, moral, financial and scientific. Why anyone would take advice from someone too ignorant to know steel melts is amazing. Who’s too stupid lazy to even learn America’s history from sources not written by Marxists. Or maybe even make a small effort to learn a weapon’s nomenclature she vehemently detests so she sounds less like a fool. That they don’t is all you need to know about the average viewers IQ.

    • Philip Armstrong

      The women on the view are just jealous of Melania. Melania is beautiful and has a certain amount of power. The women on the view don’t get much uglier on the outside or on the inside.

    • IntelU

      I was watching a clip of the view when condi rice was on there and Whoopi said that most NRA members are Nazis..the clip ended abruptly right after she said that..what a stupid ignorant bitch..where do they find these losers.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    What’s a sunny hostin? The View needs to stick it’s collective head back up Obamarx’s ass. The R party has destroyed THEMSELVES, what with all the RINOs and neocons and oligarchs.

    • RightWriter

      Oh, come on! If the Republican Party has “destroyed itself,” how come we have control of the White House, the Senate (ok, narrowly, but still, control) AND the House of Representatives, plus 32 governorships and even more state legislatures? That does NOT sound like a “destroyed” political party. It sounds like one that will get past its short-term problems and WIN in 2018 and 2020 — and beyond.

      BTW, a HEALTHY political party has room for a variety of opinions, such as those of RINOs and/or Neocons. I’m not sure whom you’re identifying as “oligarchs,” but if you mean PARTY LEADERS, those are an essential part of the mix, too. The ONLY parties that DEMAND all members think exactly ALIKE are the pseudo-FASCISTS , like today’s Democrats. They have NO room for diverse opinions; WE have plenty. The Dems are eating their hearts out with envy.

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        They’ve allowed RINOs and neocons to control their narrative, as the communists have hijacked the Dems. The Rs just aren’t COMPLETELY ruined yet, but they’re close.

        • RightWriter

          We’re going to have to disagree on this. NOBODY controls the Republican Party “narrative” (I hate using that word in that sense), or if anyone does, his name is Donald Trump. The whole point of a political party (as opposed for party control by one person or small group of people, which is what they have in Great Britain, for example) is to DIFFUSE the control of the “narrative” — ANYONE WHO CALLS HIM/HERSELF A REPUBLICAN HAS A PIECE OF THE ACTION. The RINOs do, so do the Tea Partiers, so do the neocons and super-hawks, so do the traditionalists and libertarians. And everybody else. You wanna play, you get to play on an EVEN basis with everybody else. That’s called FREEDOM; some would say democracy.

          And again, a party which controls the White House, the Senate (even narrowly), the House, 3/5 of the Governorships and MORE than 3/5 of the state legislatures is NOT even a LITTLE bit ruined. The Democrats WISH they were in our shoes (not our ideology, of course, but our control). The alternative is the Democrats’ style leadership, TOP-DOWN, with Nancy and Chuck calling the signals for EVERYBODY. Is THAT what you want? Because if you screw up the Republican “big tent,” the Nancy-Chuck scenario is WHAT YOU’LL GET. That’s NOT communism, by the way, but it IS FASCISM.

  • Gary Johnson

    nobody with a brain watches the view so who cares, there all a bunch of nut cases

  • SeanM62

    I don’t watch The View and I don’t follow much of what Melania does, although she certainly married down in terms of class. At least she speaks 5 languages while her husband hardly speaks one. Despite this language capability, she is smart enough to remain silent most of the time. I don’t think she ever dreamed she would be placed in this very public situation, nor does she seem comfortable to live in a fishbowl. I don’t blame her.

    • Charles Lagioia


      • DonOldGuy

        And you, sir, have let us know that you are uneducated, incompetent with a computer keyboard, and devoid of any useful thoughts. I am not a “View” viewer, voted for Trump because the alternative was so atrocious, and am beginning to really feel America has stepped away from the 8 years of self-loathing and public presentations of sloth and hideous fashion for our first lady.

        • Charles Lagioia


          • DonOldGuy

            Son, I’m a good bit older than you. I did learn how to not lock the SHIFT key on my Model 12 Remington typewriter, so everything was not in CAPS. Unable to interpret “LIKE YOU WHERE BUM WRAPPING”. I was definitely not enclosing my butt with paper. No one has ever accused me of wanting anything but success for the President. His lack of command of the English language is a problem for him, but no one can mistake the ideas he presents. The wenches of the View, will twist anything that does not fit their agenda. BTW be careful with your overused epithet. The AH is something not often discussed in mixed company, but, at times is very useful. I have seen many people called A-H. A good many of them were people for whom I had no use. Whoopi and Joy leap to mind.

          • RightWriter

            I’m with you 100%, also getting accustomed to the …er, Queens, NY-isms of the English language. But you’re absolutely right: we didn’t vote for him to be an English instructor, and as President he’s doing better than most of us dared anticipate. As for Melania Trump’s multi-lingualism, that’s not so very unusual in Europe, especially among people in the smaller nations of Eastern Europe (where borders are often…well, indistinct). Anyway, you’re right: it’s hard to misunderstand what President Trump is saying. and if Melania is his superior in some respects, that only indicates that Donald Trump had the good sense to MARRY UP.

          • DonOldGuy

            Because I was fortunate to have a skill that took me to every continent in the world, I got to use my fascination with language for enjoyment throughout my working life. I only speak and understand one language besides English, I think Americans miss a lot when they don’t try to learn another. I think aliens who refuse to speak the language of our country deserve to have no right to citizenship. I did learn to say Please, Thank You, Excuse me, and Beer in about 10 languages. That last one brought me in to company with a lot of very cool people. My wife speaks a language I barely can understand, my son speaks a language he chose in school and became proficient. We all speak English, because we don’t live in California. Accents throughout the U.S., are particularly fascinating as almost complete languages, like that grating “Queens New Yawk”. I threw in that “cool people” to both date myself and confuse foreigners who might feel I was denigrating the attitudes of some people I met.

          • RightWriter

            I agree completely, especially about the importance of second (third, fourth, fifteenth, whatever) languages. I even share your basic vocabulary. except since I don’t like beer I’d substitute “wine” there. And I agree about DEMANDING that immigrants to this country learn to speak English before being granted citizenship (that’s actually IS a legal requirement for becoming a citizen, but sadly, it’s been YEARS since anybody enforced it).

            One thing we do wrong is wait (in too many areas of the country, and even in good schools) to START foreign language education in HIGH SCHOOL. Kids actually learn languages more quickly & with greater facility in the PRIMARY school years, much like they learn their own “native” languages as little children, not when they’re 15. Kids in Europe start English in first grade and 2-3 more “foreign” languages before they hit middle school. No wonder they can speak several languages before they’re in college! Are our kids’ brains less evolved? I don’t think so!

            Having grown up in the NYC/Connecticut area, I have a reasonably good grasp of the various “borough” accents. But I should point out that local accents are hardly limited to the cities of the USA: there are something like 250 local accents in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) alone, some of them so localized they’re understood only within a radius of maybe 20 blocks. And then there’s Boston, where people to this day can barely understand one another. (But it’s not just US: Check out a DVD or other copy of “My Fair Lady” or its original form, George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion,” for Henry Higgins’s disquisition (Act 1, Scene 1) on “Why Can’t the English Teach Their Children how to Speak?” It’s theater (or movie), but based on reality — and the situation’s not much better now than it was a century ago!)

          • DonOldGuy

            This may be TMI, but agreeing with your premise, I took the same language for three years in high school. Way smart young teacher told all of us who thought we were smart ‘cause we had “A” s in previous years, we had to go to first and second graders and teach “conversational” level of the language. I didn’t use the language for five years after high school. Suddenly immersed in a country using it, I got comfortable again, in about a week.

          • RightWriter

            Similar experience. I went to a school that actually started French in 4th grade, so I had a LOT of it, but never thought of myself as fluent. It wasn’t until I started traveling (when I was 25 or so) that I discovered I actually COULD speak pretty good French, and that words I didn’t even realized were IN my vocabulary just popped out when needed. Took Spanish in college and pretty much the same thing happened. I must admit that when I tried to learn Russian (I was considering a Foreign Service career, not wanting to defect), it DID NOT work so well. Maybe it was because French & Spanish are both romance languages (with many roots the same as in English) and Russian is NOT.

          • DonOldGuy

            My brother is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Talk about nothing from the Romance languages! I was dreaming in Spanish by the time I got out of high school. Forgot that I took Spanish Lit in my college Freshman year (only because I had an interest in another student there -easy A) and learned why the University waived my Language requirement (yeah they had those, once upon a time) based on entrance testing. I was on scholarship so it took away a couple of opportunities to keep up my grade point. I later learned one Asian language for survival needs, and really appreciate that it doesn’t have tenses, but it makes the start of meaningful conversations a gender, time frame, location exercise.

          • RightWriter

            Wow, Mandarin AND Cantonese? I’m impressed. Even I know enough to know they’re actually different languages, not like Canadian French and French French). I did learn a little (very little) Japanese in high school, not because I wanted or needed it but because I had a crush on the teacher (who was much older, married, and totally unreciprocating — it was just a teenager-thing. The Army had trained him as an interpreter during the Occupation after WWII. They had some tesst that suggested he could learn languages easily…so…). But I hardly remember a word of it now.

          • DonOldGuy

            Again, TMI, but they still give that test and is how my brother got trained in Chinese in the service. I, on the other hand, have to be honest about why I chose Spanish over Latin in High School. Miss F, was new in the school, had gone to school in UNAM, (Mexico City) and probably had learned a lot there besides the language.

          • RightWriter

            Different school…I was in one that REQUIRED Latin, but taught it as a reading language and for history, not to speak, so I never count it among my “foreign language” skills. I had three years of reading Cicero and Cato and even Caesar’s Gallic Wars (JUST what girls in their early teens want to read!), but hardly ANY conversation. I later learned (from a priest, who DID speak Latin) that juggling six noun & adjective declensions was considered just too complex for pre-university students. I think they had a point: Anyway, given how few people, even Catholic clerics, actually SPEAK Latin nowadays, it’d hardly have been worth the effort.

          • DonOldGuy

            I always thought Latin was not previously used as a spoken language, except by the Catholic Church. Latin was recommended in our high school as a necessary for all English studies as well as the classics. The Teacher seemed to be, in the eyes of a high school student, Julius Ceaser’s baby sitter. My sister had taken her course and actually liked it. I have studied enough to understand how understanding Latin roots is very helpful in many languages for discerning meanings. I don’t envy my fellow “science fair geeks” who took German to understand scientific journals. I worked in Berlin, while the Wall was still up, and didn’t meet any Germans who didn’t speak English.

          • RightWriter

            I love that: “Julius Caesar’s baby sitter” (or did you mean “baby SISTER”?)
            Yeah, they actually SPOKE Latin, not just in Rome but among educated people throughout the Empire: it was the one tongue they had in common (you wouldn’t have caught a Roman lowering himself to learn Hebrew or Aramaic or even German, would you?) I have always been amazed how they managed to keep track of whether they needed the dative, accusative, or ablative cases: not in time to form a sentence while the other person was still listening!
            Latin became the language of the Catholic (“universal”) Church BECAUSE it was so widely spoken, not the other way around. It remained so, since it’s hard to think of another language that would have been familiar to people from all over the known world, at least until post World War I, maybe a bit later. Today, even at the Vatican, hardly one PRIEST out of 20 can actually CONVERSE — as opposed to reciting prayers or Biblical passages they memorized as altar boys — in Latin. They speak to each other mostly in
            Italian — OR ENGLISH. (I have this on very good authority, from the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See — didn’t know we had one, did you? — a lady named Callista Gingrich. Name sound familiar? Should: she’s married to former Speaker Newt Gingrich.)

          • DonOldGuy

            I did intend to write “baby sitter”, but your remark is funnier. Quite familiar with the fact that we have an ambassador to the Vatican. Due to a job I had in the military, (Carter years) I took back to back to back trips to Rome for funerals and installations when it seemed like Pope’s kept dying in rapid succession. Thanks for the Latin info. If you ever speak Laotian, you have to remember to somehow establish time frame, as there are no tenses. Thai, pretty much the same. The Thais and trained people could always tell the G.I.’s who had learned the language from their girl friends (tealocs). Women speak a gender specific language with words that have different endings and emphasis.

          • RightWriter

            Fascinating, although I seriously doubt I’ll ever get a chance to use the information (I’m gonna be 75 this weekend, and don’t travel much any more). Thailand was one of the places I always wanted to go (mainly based on the stage & movie versions of “The King and I” and its predecessor, “Anna and the King of Siam,” but never got there). In fact, the only parts of Asia I did get to were Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Not long visits, either. 🙁
            We have only had a US Ambassador in the Holy See since Reagan’s era, and even among the diplomatic community surprisingly FEW people know we have one even now. The Carter people were FURIOUS when the Senate in 1981 authorized US recognition of the Vatican State, and even more furious when Reagan named — shudder! — a Catholic as Ambassador. But we’re now on our 11th ambassador, and they’ve ALL been Catholics. Makes sense: it’s tough getting all the nomenclature straight if you didn’t grow up with it.

          • DonOldGuy

            Pretty close to same age. The Thais think “The King and I” is kind of an affront. Really like their people and culture. The clueless regime of the Carters never understood why anyone would want to do things differently than they were done in Plains. Sincere, but very parochial. I do believe Rosalynn was one of the smartest women to ever occupy the house, but, like her husband, had the worst staff advisors imaginable. (OK, OK, the jury is still out on the current occupants) Despised the damage that was done to our country while they were in charge. (I also spent a good bit of time in Tehran). Couldn’t believe they could be outdone, until a recent debacle from 2008-2016. I’m a little worried that I may have to learn Chinese at an advanced age, so I can buy bread. I’ve got Xie, Xie (Thank You) and Pijou (Beer) down now.

          • RightWriter

            I know, I’ve never understood why the Thais are so upset by “The King and I” or “Anna and the King of Siam,” or the original written by Anna Leonowens herself — “An Englishwoman at the Court of Siam” (she definitely needed some help from her publisher’s marketing department!). Seems to me all 3 versions paid great respect to King Mongut IV (the “King”) and even moreso to his son Chulalongkorn, who as King ended slavery and gave Siam its first Constitution. (I named a series of Siamese cats for Chulalongkorn — called ’em “Chu” — Mongut was a bit hard to take!) But anyway.
            I share your disdain for the Gentleman from Plains, but not for his wife’s brains. Between them, they certainly DID make a mess of our relationships with the whole Middle East, especially Iran (of course). I still see the Shah-in-Exile (son of the late Shah, once held out hope that the mullahs would be overthrown and he could return and restore the monarchy), either at some conference if I motivate myself to go, or on C-Span (which requires much less motivation!). Even HE is getting old…
            I never got over being mad at Nixon* and Kissinger** for “opening the door” to China, so I put it very low on my list of places to go Actually WOULD have enjoyed it, but it never seemed likely I’d get there. So many other places, so little time… 🙁
            * Also mad at Nixon for wage-price controls; never got over THAT, either.
            ** Sort of forgave Kissinger because since the Wall came down, he has actually become rather more hard-line (as am I). Unlike many foreign policy gurus, he is smart enough to understand that as circumstances change, it’s reasonable for positions to change, as well. I suspect that by now he’d like John Bolton: I’m SURE Nixon would.

          • DonOldGuy

            First time in China, picking up folks the night after Chou En Lai died. By going back several times after that, the changes are remarkable. My wife went twenty years after I did, and saw even more amazing changes. Absolutely do not trust them to not try to take advantage in all markets. We taught them that. The concept that we will provide semi-conductor information for plants that they build here is really upsetting to me. They already have “stolen” enough technology to provide the opportunity to outpace us in transports, computers, and space guidance. Meanwhile the Russians are developing some truly awesome hypersonic weapons. Would be interesting if those two were the principals in the next “Cold War” as they faced “Mutually Assured Destruction”. A quick couple of “why they are upset”: In the movie Yul Brenner frequently points his toes at another person and the images of the King and Queen have a lot more gravity attached to them they we understand. (directing your foot at another person equates to a magnified One finger salute) Touching one on the head with your hands is showing disrespect. Any part of the body lower than the head is just that–a lower part.

          • RightWriter

            That’s a fascinating point about the significance in Thailand of pointing one’s feet at someone. I’m not sure the cast or director of either the play or the movie KNEW that. My father was the publisher of PLAYBILL, the Broadway theater program, and new all the show biz people…I recall a dinner at our home where Mary Martin (who “found” Yul Brynner for the part of the King — he was playing a minor role in another show in which she appeared) was telling the story of how it happened. Dick and Mary Rodgers (he the composer) were also there. Nobody said anything about Thai (or Siamese) customs entering into the staging, just about how the original “Siamese Children” were mostly Korean, there being very few Thai/Siamese people IN the States way back in 1952.

          • RightWriter

            Agree on German, especially scientific journals. Though a friend of mine, a retired CIA spook, who lived in EAST Germany while the Wall was still up, tells me that German is really easy, because you can combine words to invent new ones…Still seems like trouble to ME! But you’re right about Germans (both E and W) speaking English; ditto for almost everyone, everywhere in Europe, through most of Africa and a lot of the Middle East and Asia as well. English HAS become the “lingua franca” of modern civilization. In another 30-40 years, it may be the only spoken language surviving outside of academic bastions like the Sorbonne. Even at the Vatican it’s losing ground, and in the USA it’s hard to find even a PRIEST who can carry on a conversation in Latin (anyway, not one who’s under 75).

        • RightWriter

          DonOldGuy – Amen!

      • RightWriter

        I don’t think SeanM62 was saying he dislikes Trump. I think he was pointing out (with considerable accuracy) that Melania Trump is classier and appears better educated than her husband. So? HE got elected, and I don’t hear SeanM62 or anyone else here complaining about THAT. We were just commenting on the LACK OF CLASS of the women on “The View.”

        Or maybe YOU are in love with Whoopi Goldberg? Talk about

  • urantia wins

    These fat, ugly women are hypocrites. They don’t like Melania because she is beautiful on the inside and out. They unwittingly support the most corrupt controllers on the planet. the very ones Trump is fighting to oust from the highest levels of govt. Wait till the truth comes out of what has been going on for decades under their fat ugly noses

  • April Stoner

    Who still listens to grown ups that hate like an abused child, what a bunch of high school drama queens! I hope they don’t think trashing people makes them better,
    That is just like a child with no life experience, well that is the “View” of the dumacrat!

  • JoAnn Graham

    The View is always hating on people unless they are their friends..They have no clue of what’s happening in America.

  • irene romanelli

    Melania is a smart, classy, elegant, beautiful wife of the President of the United States. She is an excellent example of what the behavior of a president’s wife should be. We’ve been missing that from at least the last two Democratic administrations. The View is a classless, tasteless, unhinged, biased bunch of financially bloated and intellectually decrepit group of individuals whose sole aim is to try to smear and demean anyone greatly superior to them. Jealousy and stupidity are two unpleasant things to watch.

    • julie kemp

      Soooo True!!!

    • RightWriter

      Wow! “Financially bloated and intellectually decrepit!” I LIKE that! Well said and very true!
      Anyone know anything about THEIR “academic achievements”? I’d LOVE to compare with Melania’s, or other past first ladies who actually had brains!

  • gideonrockwell

    You look at those vile Libertard Harpies on the View and then you look at Melania and Kelly Ann Conway. Which are the more pleasant, attractive persons that you would enjoy having a civil ,intelligent conversation with at a dinner party. I look at the Libertard women of the View and say to myself if this is a prime example of left wing women no wonder Old Teddy K. stayed halfway blitzed out of his mind.

    • DonOldGuy

      We need to have a beer (or glass of wine). I actually enjoy good Tequila. I had close association with the “fat drunk” on a trip, where he was admonished by the more important person on the trip to get his body out of her sight. I know he is gone now, but I have never known a more pathetic individual. I’m hoping it was because of his overwhelming regret for the activities like events in Chappaquidick. A very powerful person in the Democratic Party called him “The most dangerous man in America.”

  • MDKTT20

    Perhaps these idiots on the view should cast the first stone , only if they are without “SIN”


    But what can you expect from ‘Media Bullies’.. they are always spouting off about things that they have no clue… opinions, but not a clue.

  • marc

    The View is just a bunch of liberal TRASH spewing itself on the American public….

  • marc

    The other reason they all hate her on the View is because she is beautiful and look at them……

  • gene smiith

    What a load od nonsense…..these women have their heads squarely up their fal asses….that is the view they are viewing….dumb, nasty, conniving ,and unkind bitches.

  • Jim

    A bunch of angry haters who can’t understand that their opinion matters to NOONE. I think that between the bunch of them there is not enough brain to form a logical opinion


    Best vote for Melania that I can imagine! This is the most disfunctional group of Women I have ever seen together.

    • Dealerdeb1

      I think you hit the nail on the head with the perfect word for them “disturbing”

  • Rich

    So what. The elitist view is always trashing their betters.

  • Debra Robertson

    Please…these women on the View are Narcissistic individuals who depend on gullible people to puff them up. This show is liberal propaganda, vicious, and demeans people who have the common sense to recognize them for what they are. Melania has more class than any of them combined. I believe that she has every right to speak out against bullying, especially since her own child has suffered being bullied by adults who act like infantile brats. Boycott The View. Don’t give them the time of day and maybe the network will put something worth while on television. If they don’t, then boycott the network.

    • RightWriter

      I’ve never watched The View (no, not even once!) so I can’t really boycott it, but I agree with everything you said about it. I do have a question: if the ladies of “The View” are so dismissive of Melania Trump’s intellectual achievements, WHAT ARE THEIRS? Did any of them get further than high school (or maybe “drama school,” which is little more than a dumping ground for people who CAN’T MAKE IT as actors/actresses)? Melania Trump speaks FIVE languages; do any of The View girls speak even ONE correctly?

  • donl

    Take a good look at who is on the View, then look at Melania, Bingo!! Now you know why they hate her.

    • RightWriter

      Good point!

  • crockett

    All the view need to get out of America like the said they were going to do….Adios bitches !
    You all couldn’t do anything even if you could combine all of what brains you don’t have ………If you can’t say anything good about our country then keep your damn mouths closed…..

  • Dealerdeb1

    Simple jealousy. She’s gorgeous, kind,classy and very fit. EVERYTHING those ignorant hags are not. They are sop pro women why do they keep attacking Melania? OOOOOOOOOPPS I forgot, she isn’t ugly,fat or gay, she doesn’t kill babies or promote it ,she actually loves children. THEY think it’s their right to kill them.

  • HotFlight

    If you put that whole bunch on the view together they would’nt be fit enough to wipe the dirt off of Melania shoes! You have to wonder about the mentality of the people that watch that hate show!

  • dick yocum

    She is 10 times the woman they ever thought of being

  • Karl Ruffing

    The ignoramuses on “The View” aren’t the right panelists to be on that show – or any other!

  • julie kemp

    The View: A bunch of jealous, catty, idiots who never have anything kind or intelligent to say unless your a bleeding heart liberal. Waste of my time to tune into these no nothings.

  • Rick Clark

    Excuse me. Which one of the idiot on the View can speak five languages? I think she is a wonderful first lady.

    • RightWriter

      I’m still trying to figure out if ANY of “The View” ladies speaks EVEN ONE language (maybe English, but I’d settle for Spanish…or Erdu or something) correctly!

      • metheoldsarge

        Mrs Kennedy was the last First Lady who could fluently communicate in more than one language. She spoke three languages. She also had class.

        • RightWriter

          Not exactly true. Jackie Bouvier Kennedy had studied French in school and spent some vacations in Paris, so her French was pretty good. But her third language was Greek — and she didn’t even START learning it (except maybe polite exchanges like “Please,” “Thank You,” &c — and maybe what she’d need to order dinner in an Athens restaurant) until she began dating Aristotle Onassis, who became her second husband, after JFK had been killed. (She also knew a little Italian from seeing operas, but not enough to claim that she “spoke” it.)

          • metheoldsarge

            She also spoke Spanish fluently. When Kennedy took her with him on a trip to either Central or South America, She addressed the people who greeted them in Spanish. There were several news clips of her doing that from that time.

  • RightWriter

    Gee whiz! Those dim-witted dingbats on The View don’t think Melania Trump is “qualified” to be first lady. THERE ARE NO QUALIFICATIONS FOR FIRST LADIES. Perhaps there should be, but there aren’t.) Some have been college graduates; Hillary Clinton had a LAW degree but NO BRAINS. Some were educated “at home,” as most women were in the 19th and into the 20th centuries. Only seven are identified as having attended established colleges (notably, the much-admired Eleanor Roosevelt was NOT among them).

    Melania Trump grew up in Slovenia and lived in Paris before coming to the U.S.. She speaks FIVE languages (do ANY of the babes on The View speak even good English, never mind any other languages?) and has an obviously deep interest in issues involving children, interests she has developed into “first lady’s initiatives” since her husband became President.

    Given that first ladies are not SUPPOSED to be involved in running the government (only Hillary Clinton got away with it, and SHE flamed out like a 4th of July rocket), it’s hard to fault Mrs. Trump’s educational achievements. The ladies of The View should be ashamed of themselves!

    • metheoldsarge

      She has class and they don’t. That is what they don’t like about her.

      • RightWriter

        True, but it’s more than that — also the fact that they absolutely DETEST Donald Trump, and she’s married (apparently happily) to HIM. If she were single and a model in New York, or Paris, or wherever, they’d LOVE her.

  • mrp15

    Never watch The view. It is so OVER.

  • Mike Shepard

    Anybody with any common sense chooses the Price of Right over the View.

  • Suzu M

    If Melania is an independent woman, she can get involved in ANYTHING she chooses. Why does it have to pertain to her husband. She was independent before she ever met Trump. She said in an interview that she is not dependent on his money because she’s got her own. She’s not oppressed by him. If she doesn’t like bullying she’s quite within her rights to encourage kindness publicly.
    That lady that said she can control her husband….HA! I bet HE was ticked when she got home! Would love to have him come forward and share about that.

  • Kenneth Page

    Melania is obviously doing something right then. I would be worried if they liked her.

  • Mike Hadden

    tell me about the Clinton and Obama family values…..p[l;ease!