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Watch Out America: The Insane New ‘-ism’ Gaining a Foothold With Libs

Unfortunately for America, this transgender bathroom issue shows no signs of settling down anytime soon.

In fact, if the liberals in Connecticut have their way, we will all have a new ‘ism’ to worry about. You know, like racism, sexism, ageism, etc….

The Daily Caller reports that,

According the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), which published an LGBT glossary of more than 250 terms, the belief that there are only two genders — male and female — should be treated as “genderism.”

The guide, which was published as part of the DCF’s Safe Harbors Project and was last updated July 7, defines “genderism” as: “The system of belief that there are only two genders (men and women) and that gender is inherently tied to one’s sex assigned at birth. It holds cisgender people as superior to transgender people, and punishes or excludes those who don’t conform to society’s expectations of gender.”

“Gender oppression,” according to the heavily-Democratic state, is “The societal, institutional, and individual beliefs and practices that privilege cisgender (gender-typical people) and subordinate and disparage transgender or gender variant people. Also known as ‘genderism.’”

Genderism may be new to most of us, but it is an idea that has been gaining steam for a while. Here is a hilarious spoof on genderism from the popular show Portlandia that demonstrates just how insane the idea is:

Do you think Connecticut is going too far?