Will Trump Fire Staff After Midterms?

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton believes after the 2018 elections, “this president’s going to wholesale fire people.”

Hillary stated, “What I worry about, Rachel, is that after this election, this president’s going to wholesale fire people. That’s my prediction for tonight, like my prediction from last year. And if we don’t have one or both houses of Congress in place, he will be even more uncontrollable and unaccountable. He will fire people in the White House. He will fire people in his administration who he thinks are crossing him, questioning him, undermining him.”

  • john Illinois

    If so, it is about time

  • The Trump’s being the best friends of the Clinton’s certainly know him better than anyone. We should listen to them when they predict what their friend the Donald will do.
    I am sure that the Clinton’s are the Donald’s only confidants after decades trusting one another.


      • Is “Troll” a euphemism for conservative Republican? If so I wear the label proudly.

        • Mein kampf

          “Troll” a euphemism for someone who has no real opinion other than the fact that only half his brain is working. In reference to [email protected] and his buddy bob. They are the ones to actually troll to piss people off that don’t agree with them.

          • ROFLOL! You are describing yourself as a “Troll”.

        • Observant_One

          No, a “Troll” is the identifier for those who don’t know the difference between s**t and Shinola, hope that helps some.

          • So, it is anyone who does not share your leftist politics. I am unashamedly a lifetime far right Republican who has never supported or voted for a leftist liberal ideologue like Trump or his best friends the Clinton’s..

          • bob

            And if your bullshit above is what you state,then ” I’M STILL JOHN McCAIN.

    • bob

      sure asshole ,he was & is best friends with John McCain & his family, that’s why he wasn’t invited to the funeral, cause the McCain’s didn’t want to see them hugging it up.
      What a ” fu*king MORON” you are .

      • Trump counts no conservative Republicans as his friends. He has no history before his election of being a conservative or a Republican. His best friends are the Clinton’s, the Soros’ and the Obama’s. McCain was never a friend of Trump. Having a friend who was a generations greatest hero would simply illustrate Trump’s cowardice as a draft dodger. McCain was a real man and a true Republican and not a pretender like Trump. You are the one uninformed and as a result appear as a “moron”. Are you so immature that you are incapable of civil discourse? If so just go away until you know something about what you write.

        • Observant_One

          You are a definite ahole who doesn’t know crap when you step in it.

      • Cowards like Trump and heroes like McCain are ideological opposites. It is not surprising that a coward would not have respect for one of our American heroes.

        • bob

          Oh you mean the hero McCain that after returning from captivity left his wife & 3 kids to marry Cindy? His wife had been severely injured in a car accident. When McCain returned from Nam, both he & his 1st wife underwent physical therapy simultaneously& their marriage lasted seven more years. According to a 2007 profile of McCain in the AZ.Republic , their marriage began disintegrating & McCain has admitted to having extramarital affairs even though they remained married.
          Robert Timberg also describes McCain’s extramarital affairs in “the Nightingale’s Song “.
          Great fu*king hero my ass.

          • Trump does not have the gravitas to carry McCain’s jock. McCain did come home with a lot of emotional scars to match his physical scars. His marriage problems have nothing to do with his being America’s greatest hero. He was, without a doubt, the greatest hero of my generation and Trump is obviously the worst.

          • bob

            Oh a great hero for staying in prison in Nam? He I believe was the senior office of those captured. His father was a 4 star Admiral servicing & his grand father was a 4 star Admiral retired. Now what would it have looked like if he took the offer of being released early before his men were? He’d have shamed the McCain name &would have been talked about as to having abandoned his men, so in other words he had NO CHOICE but to stay.
            What’s so heroic about a situation you really had no real choice to make,
            because of the circumstances.

          • Nonsense, there was an offer made to release McCain but he refused to leave until all the prisoners were released. McCain did not just talk the talk of a hero but exemplified one.

          • bob

            That’s what I said dumb ass.
            He like the Captain of a sinking ship, by most logical thoughts & an unwritten law of the seas,STAYS BEHIND until all his crew & passengers are safety being recused,then he is the last one to leave. How would it look if the Captain was on the first life boat & left the rest of the passengers & crew to possible drown.
            So like I said before, he was the Senior officer of those captured & because of his command position & the fact his father & grandfather were 4 star Admirals his leaving before the rest of those under him would have insulted not only him, but the McCain legacy in the service.

          • The facts belie your prejudice against Republicans and conservatives. He was offered the opportunity to leave but, as a the hero he was, he refused unless everyone left with him. Indeed he was an honorable person and made the right decision. Navy Cmdr. James Bond Stockdale was the senior officer in the camp and not McCain. Have you done any research about the topic you are laboring to discuss?

          • What does his personal life have to do with his heroism?

          • bob

            So what does Trumps personal life before he became President have to do with anything? He has never to my knowledge, call himself a hero, or have I heard anyone else call him a hero.

          • Even Trump knew he was a coward. McCain’s heroism illustrated in contrast Trump’s cowardice and lack of patriotism.

          • It is extremely rare and illogical to call cowards heroes.

          • bob

            So what’s the “cowardly thing ” you say Trump did?

          • He did what many kids with rich fathers did during the Vietnam draft in my generation and went doctor shopping with a fistful of his dad’s money in order to dodge the draft. He found a doctor who would lie about his medical condition and to say in what Trump called a “very good letter” that Trump had a bone spur in one of his feet. The induction centers did not have the equipment or the personnel to verify such letters and accepted them. In Trump’s case, he got a medical deferment based on that letter and not on any real examination. The truth is that the Donald has never had such a disability and played football. basketball and ran track after his deferment. When asked about his bone spurs the Donald could not even remember what foot was involved. What he and the doctor did was commit a felonious act to avoid the draft. Refusing to serve his country in Vietnam makes him a felonious draft dodger and a coward.

      • Bill Clinton and the Donald have been best friends for decades as they share the same compulsions to be with very young girls:

      • irene

        Bob: They sure are! This person claims to be a surgeon, a viet nam vet, a REPUBLICAN, ETC!!! A REAL REPUBLICAN has more sense than this idiot!!!!

        • I have NEVER claimed to be a surgeon but I am a Marine Corps veteran and a lifetime conservative Republican who has never voted for a lifetime leftist Democrat like Trump. Your reading comprehension is woefully intellectually compromised.

          • irene

            Don’t bother me, YOU ARE NOT ALL there!

          • You prove yourself to be the delusional one and not I. Get informed through research about Trump so that you do not appear a fool. Personal attacks are the last resort of an uninformed deluded fool. I pity you.

          • bob

            If you a ” Republican ” then I’m John McCain.

          • How would a leftist Democrat like you have knowledge of what it is to be a conservative or Republican?

          • You are delusional and uninformed of what you write.

      • Trump hated McCain because of the contrasts between Trump’s cowardice and McCain’s heroism.

    • irene

      Boy are you “flying” high! What are you on??? Besties with the clinton’s??????? Whoa! Ivanka WAS friends with chelsea because they both converted to Judaism to marry Jewish men, but that ENDED after the campaign! They haven’t been close since then. Wake up! You’re NOT keeping up with the present!

      • The Trump’s and the Clinton’s remain very close friends after decades as best friends. The Clinton’s were the guests of honor at Trump’s wedding with Melania. Have you done no research of this lifetime leftist Democrat before he ran for POTUS?

        • parthenon1

          lets cut to the chase, Obama had more unemployed and even more under employed because his stupid laws and regulations which stopped companies from hiring full time employees because they were penalized severely but part time (30 hrs or less) meant no benefits which really messed up peoples lives ( they had to buy the overpriced Obama Care or pay a penalty.
          President Trump got rid of all those laws and regulations got a tax plan that favored the American worker. Net result there is less unemploment among all ethnic groups than any time in history just for starters. If we are smart enough to give him more conservative Republican senators and house members he can continue to do what he promised us the American people not just his voters during the campaign. How many other presidents of either party has done this! VOTE FOR REPUBLICAN HOUSE AND SENATORS !

          • Why not start by electing a POTUS with conservative and Republican credentials instead of a lifetime history of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue like Donald Trump. Unemployment is the worse in my lifetime and seems to have stagnated.

          • bob

            So your telling everyone that the Unemployment rate, which I just Googled, is a LOW of 3.9% as of April 2018 & remains at 3.9% thru September.2018.
            Don’t know how old you are but unemployment was low during WW2
            with it being 1.2% in 1944. That increased again after the war. It was below 3.9% in 1948 ( 3.8% ) 1952 (3% ) 1966 (3,8%) & in 1968 (3.6 % )
            From 1968 ( 3.8% ) it has never been lower than 4%, (2000) which it hit for 1 year in 2000, but has always been HIGHER than 4%. since 1968.
            The 3% in 1952 was due to another war, the Korean War which the U.S.entered in 1950 & the armistice was signed in 1953.

            So if you were born AFTER 1968 the unemployment rate has NEVER been as low as it is now.

          • Nonsense, when they are forced off of unemployment compensation they are no longer counted.

          • I finished High School in 1969. This is the highest unemployment since the “Great Depression”.

        • bob

          That was BEFORE he was President.
          McCain never changed his party , but sided more with the Democrats ( a RINO ) & did his best ,like Democrats, to obstruct anything Trump was trying to accomplish

          • That proves he was always conservative . Otherwise, he would have supported the lifetime leftist Trump.

        • irene

          When? 11 yrs ago???? Lol! You Are stupid, you know that???? By the way, TRUMP IS MY HERO! He’s the only President we’ve EVER had with GUTS!!! GO TRUMP!!!!

          • As a Vietnam veteran I will never support a draft dodger like Trump. How can you call a cowardly draft dodger a hero. You leftist Democrats are a very illogical group.

          • Guts? He is an avowed coward. He is the only draft dodger to ever become POTUS.

          • irene

            LOL! What a NUT job, piece of work you are!!! Are you HIGH or DRUNK again????

          • I have never been high or drunk off of anything in my life. As I said before, I do not imbibe in alcohol. Personal insults to myself does nothing to support your ignorance of all things Trump. Trump is a bully and without “guts”. He is a limp-wristed, mentally ill, would be bully without dignity or intellect.

          • bob

            Trump received 4 deferments as he worked his way through undergraduate studies,just as any other person of draft age who was attending school at that time was given, After he graduated he was diagnosis with bone spurs in his feet. Mr. Flahaven of the Selective Service Board stated ” if you don’t have a basis to be exempt you would have been drafted” . Trump had a 1-Y classification which was considered a temporary exemption & only in a national emergency or an OFFICIAL declaration of war, which the U.S. avoided during the fighting in Nam would have resulted in his being considered for service. NEITHER OCCURRED.His status remained 1-Y until 1972 when the Selective Service changed it to 4-F permanently disqualifying him.
            A ” draft dodger ” according to Google is a person who illegally evades the draft in actively protesting against the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War & burns their draft card or flees to another country.
            Trump DID NEITHER
            So in conclusion,your the dumbest asshole on the face of the earth. I’m still John McCain & Trump is a ” NON-DRAFT DODGING PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES.

          • Actually he commited a felony to avoid the draft.

          • Wrong! Trump was never diagnosed with bone spurs but instead he solicited a doctor to write him a letter saying that he had a disabling condition that would exempt him from the draft. Only the son’s of very rich fathers could afford to commit such felonious actions. If you would spend some time actually researching these felonious actions of Trump in regards to his draft dodging activities you would not appear to be a fool.

          • bob

            I can’t believe you site the New York Times & Politfact & the Seattle Times as a source of reference.So I guess the 1-Y classification from the Selective Service Board is bullshit. Boy Trump must have paid off everybody in the world,

          • The proper word to use is “cite” and not “sight” which refers to vision instead. I forgive you because I realize from your previous writing that English is your second language and that you are not a native speaker. How long have you lived in the US? I checked the references that I gave and found them to be totally factual. The fact is that they are citing Trump’s own remembrances of his actions. As I keep telling you the cure for your ignorance on this topic is to do research. If you do not like my research do your own. The classification was the result of a letter that Trump paid with his fathers money to get a medical deferment even though he did not have a condition warranting this classification. It was based on this letter that Trump called a “very good letter” that came from the doctor he found to lie for him for an undisclosed amount of money so that he could get a deferment. This was a common practice among sons with rich fathers of those lacking patriotism and courage to serve their country. Those doctors committing this felony charged exorbitant amounts of money.

          • Your reading comprehension continues to be woefully lacking. It was his father’s money he used to pay the doctor. This was before the Donald got billions of dollars in inheritance from his father. The draft board accepted the doctors letter since they had no facilities or anyone to verify the doctors claim. This was a common practice for son’s of rich fathers who could afford the high cost of getting doctors to commit a felony for money. Trump praised the doctors letter calling it a “good letter”.

  • Personally, I hope he does clean house!!! GET RID OF ALL THE SES WHO ARE LEFTOVER FROM THE OBUTMA ADMIN.. These are the deep swamp.

  • gene smith

    Why oh Why do WE THE PEOPLE have to continue being assaulted by barbs abd bullshit from the LOSER , HILLARY?
    What our President does or does not do will be just fine and there is no need for Miss Buttinsky to give us her unneeded opinion.

  • bob

    He should fire a whole bunch. Sessions, Rosenstein, & anyone else who is trying to subvert the office of the Presidency. Some day there will be a Democrat in the WH & will this be an acceptable way to run the country.
    With all this bullshit going on between the 2 parties, you know who is being forgotten, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    There’s a joke I saw on the net, that Trump should nominate Hillary to the SC so that way an investigation could really begin into her past dealings.

    • There is a lifelong Democrat in the White House now. He has been a Republican only long enough to run as one. He has no history of being Republican or conservative. He is the antithesis of a conservative Republican and is arguable the furthest left of any POTUS in history.

  • Ovomit1

    …does anyone care what the worlds’ most prolific serial killer thinks about our great President

  • parthenon1

    It’s my strongest hope he does readjust the staff working for him and does thin out all non or under performing civil servants plus make moves to help set all federal elected office holders into term limits and to eliminate the swamp and make all tax payer $ put to work for the people not pockets of elected officials!

    • I seriously doubt if Trump will fire all his family members. This is the first time that he has not had to solely support these worthless family of his. We are now his worthless families financial support.

      • parthenon1

        Solrfry to mess up your train of tought but none of the family members are paid, lthey like the President, do not take a salary. As for worthless, his son-in-law runs the Trumpo empire and is paid there as frankly all of the family including the First Lady and the President. No tell me how much the Obamas cost us with Michelles shopping trips to Europe requiring secret service protection plus cost of one of the presidential planes and the many family vacation trips to Hawaii

        • irene

          Don’t forget the obama’s had their DOG flown to them while they were on vacation and treating MANY of michaels friends to trips to Europe with her for her to have some “company”! As for Trump’s family, they are worth every cent he wants to pay them as they’re the only ones he can trust!!!

        • Not anywhere close to what each of Trump’s golfing trips which profit his resorts 3 million dollars a week. Before he was elected his resorts were bankrupt but now, thanks to us taxpayers paying his golf resorts he is making a huge profit.

          • parthenon1

            Sorry again but the Casinos all were not chapter 7 bankruptcies but were another grade for reorganization and are doing well today and not because of what the govt spends on his trips. Since he takes no salary nor does any of his family plus Melanie operates with a very small staff compared to Michele Obama and you never mention the many shopping trips to Europe with the daughters and Grand mother, which always took a presidential airplane at millions per day, with complete secret service, and the many trips to Hawaii and the weekly costs for Barack’s golf outings. . . .If one will check carefully the Obamas spent far more (tax payer) $ than any previous presidents. (Even the Clintons who stole as much from the White House when they moved out didnt spend as mcuh as the Obamas!

          • He does not need the Presidential salary. The three million he makes weekly playing golf is much better than the $200,000 Presidential salary. Besides the $200,000 tax deduction is needed more after he steals the 3 million a week from taxpayers.

          • bob

            Wait a minute asshole,
            You said ” he makes 3 million a week playing golf ” then you state “he steals 3 million a week from taxpayers “.
            So which is it , he makes it playing golf or stealing it ?
            That must be one hell of a golf bet if he makes 3 million playing golf. We usually play for a quarter a hole.

          • BOTH! His resorts earn approximately 3 million a week when Trump plays golf which goes in Trump’s pocket. He charges exorbitant rates to house, feed and provide transportation on and off the resorts.

          • Of course they are doing better with us taxpayers funding them to the tune of 3 million dollars a week. He is using his golfing trips and his resorts to steal from the American taxpayers.

          • parthenon1

            I think you are confused so explain to me how the pres makes 3million a week playing golf ? I repeat he gives his salary to charity, his family who are involved in his management team also receive no salary, Melania has the smallest staff of any first lady in many decades, As for the time spent playing golf better check the time Obama spent on the golf course, or how many trips to Hawaii, or how many European shopping trips did Michelle go on with her mother and daughters, and the secret service contingent on a presidental air plane! When it comes to wasted tax payer $ Democrats are far worse than the Trumps. Now lets see what president Trump has done, we have the lowest unemployment rate in maybe history,and that includes all ethnic and races businesses are growing and the hight rates ever all because of his business favorable moves. So even you most likely are doing better than in years(that is unless you are one of the useless welfare clients). Obama is still trying to turn us into a 3rd world nation or at least a France or Cuba or Venezuela or any other failed communist or Socialist nation !

          • First of all, the Obama’s are irrelevant to the discussion. They have nothing to do with Trump’s actions except for them being close friends of the Trump’s along with the Soros’ and the Clinton’s who are his very best friends. It is actually a very clever scheme that Trump came up with which involves playing golf to essentially steal from the American taxpayers 3 million dollars a week. As you will probably concede when the POTUS travels, he travels with a very large entourage of Secret Service and White House staff. The Trump resorts charge us taxpayers very exorbitant rates to house and feed his entourage. ( just for your enlightenment look at what the Secret Service has been charged to rent golf carts. ( The difference between the Trump’s and the Obamas is tht the money spent on these trips did not go into the Obama’s pocket as it does when Trump travels. You mention unemployment which is currently the worse since the great depression. There are no jobs to be had and it is going to be a long time before it will turn around. Especially with Trump doing nothing to help produce jobs. The fact is that he is manipulating the numbers by forcing the unemployed off of their unemployment benefits which is where the numbers come from. I am and so are most people experiencing financial disaster and not prospering under the Trump administration. Ideologically there is no difference between the Trump’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s. The fact that George Soros has donated billions to the Trump’s should make people who are truly conservative and not posing as a conservative like yourself pay attention to Trump’s actions and not his deceptive rhetoric. Lastly, you need to be reminded regularly that Obama is irrelevant and so are the Clinton’s. Those who are relevant are the Trump’s who have received billions in contributions from Trump’s close friend George Soros who gave between 2 and 3 billion dollars and untold billions in loans through Jared Kushner to the Trump campaign and only 2 million to the Clinton campaign. Please do yourself a favor and research your positions for facts and not emotional nonsense with no basis in the facts.

          • parthenon1

            Yes i am also getting tired of our exchanges but I will say what the other occupants have done is relevant when comparing costs and the status of the country. Both Obama and Clinton spent far more money much of it for personal use. How do you know who paid for the expenses at Trumps golf clubs.? Now where did you get the informatin that unempoyment is higher today than before? When unbiased governent agencies say unemployment is 3.9% and that all groups in America are sharing this largess! In closing I get the feeling youi are playing with me when you come up with the fake statistics, but I don t understand you, an American, who is apparently believes we should copy the failed European and other countries political systems ! Where is the Democratic plan if they should gain power again ? No platform they ra running on fighting a very successful president as their only plan ! A good defense is important but one has to have an offense as well !

          • The friends of Trump like the Clinton’s, the Obama’s and the Soros’ are relevant only in the fact that they are the closest friends of the Trump’s. Trump is arguably the furthest to the left of them all but is closest to George Soros who has given Trump billions of dollars and even more in loans to do his bidding. Trump has allowed his friends to buy his loyalty to them. All of his friends are leftists like himself. I am a far right lifetime Republican and these associations are intolerable to me but to you they are expected and praised. The difference between the Obama’s and the Clinton’s and Trump is that neither the Obama’s nor the Clinton’s made a profit off of their trips as does Trump to the tune of 3 million dollars a week. With that kind of income he does not need that paltry $200.000 paycheck but needs tax deductions instead. But, of course, we will never see his tax returns like we have with every other POTUS in history. How do I know? I know because I do research and make sure I am informed about what I write. That is also how I know about the great Trump lie about employment in America. These are very easy to research and you can train yourself to do research. I am an academician and have honed these skills through the years. Do you really believe that those who work for Trump are unbiased? If you are being truthful about this I pity you and your judgement. It has gotten to the point that the homeless are families without hope under Trump. There really are no jobs to be had in the Trump economy. What you are saying is that 3.9% are those who have not been forced off of unemployment compensation as of now but even more are being threatened. If you really believe that the statistics are fake get someone to help you do the research and do not continue in your blissful ignorance. Why do you say that I want to copy the European system? Trump is governing and applying leftist ideology on our economic and social structure which always fails. You are obviously better qualified to speak on the Democrat economic plans than I since I have never been a leftist Democrat like you and Trump. All I can say is that they always fail in retrospect. Leftists like yourself and Trump are to me irrelevant and a danger to America.

          • parthenon1

            A professor I should have guessed ! You were undoubtedly taught by professors who were old SDS members who learned under Bill Ayers and Bernadewtte Dorn or maybe even Saul Alinski himself. I am a veteran born in the South and proud of it (Texas) I was a Democrat until Lyndon Johnson made me embarrassed by the lies of the Dems and joined the Goldwater team. I am a gun owner and have been since 9 yrs old. I voted for Trump because he promised to change the rules and regulations screwing up business, to make a more fair tax plan, to build a wall and prosecute the illegals ( when a young man we tolerated the “wet backs” because they came here to work not to get on our welfare system. I can read, the the unemployment rate is 3.9% or maybe even less, more dropped out workers have come back since Trumps economy made jobs easier (during Obama only part time jobs were available because he required benefits for full time. Benefits are good and necssary but not with the restrictions he put on them. Obama broke the law he took the parts of the auito industry belonging to bond holders (the vast majority were retirees) and gave this part of the companies to the UAW. Dont get me started about the illegal stuff many of the agencies of our government he created, IRS, FBI, even Justice, CIA all are being puirged noiw to put them back into a nonpolitical plan. If he spends some money other than what he and his family would hve received otherwise so be it but if you research the true facts you will find his administration is spending at a muc reduced rate than the Obsama’s, Bushes, Clintons etc. Now I am done I have some work to get done ! good luck and have a great life !

          • Nonsense, I have never been a supporter or actual leftist like yourself but instead have been a far right conservative Republican my entire life. If I were a leftist like you I would be a supporter of Trump also. But, my ideology is the antithesis of people like you and Trump. I am a Marine Corps veteran and served on active duty in 1970-71. I am also a Southerner from NC. I now live in Texas near San Antonio. It is not unusual in Texas to see leftists posing as conservatives so that explains some of your ideological quirks. I would have guessed you are a Democrat without you stating as much. I grew up on a farm and learned to shoot before I learned to ride a bicycle. I am currently a gun collector. Before that I rode horses. I do not share your dreams of isolationism that you share with Trump who wants that ridiculous wall that will only be a monument to the stupidity of Trump and his supporters. That wall will have no impact on illegal imigration and will benefit only the coyotes who make a living bringing people into the US. They will be able to charge much more to their clientele. What would make a true difference is legislative reform that addresses the problem and comes to reasonable solutions of which the wall is the most unreasonable of all the proposals. Texas workers have been devastated by the unemployment as have other states. I have never seen so many beggars and homeless as I have in Texas under the Trump economy. There are no jobs in Texas and Texas is one of the states forcing people off of unemployment to make the numbers look better. Jobs are getting more difficult to find under Trump as any time in our countries history. You really need to do research and not remain a dupe for the leftists like Trump. Trump makes the Clinton’s and the Obama’s look like conservatives. Indeed, I am an academician and a Catholic priest who was a former Moravian (Protestant) before my conversion to Catholic Christianity. I taught Latin, Early Church History and Patristics in a Jesuit Seminary. I am conservative both politically and religiously. It seems that the only thing we agree with is Obama’s ideology and his governing from the left like his friend Donald Trump.

          • bob

            Hey asshole,
            3 million a week to a billionaire is chump change, when are you going to change it to ,oh say 10 million a week. Say it enough & you’ll start believing it yourself

          • bob

            This cristoiglesia must be brain dead, sniffing coke, shooting up with heroin & smoking crack ( all at once )
            Just today the stock market has hit it’s 102nd ALL TIME HIGH,adding 9 TRILLION dollars to the market,SINCE THE ELECTION OF TRUMP on Nov.8th, 2016. This is shared by anyone who has invested in the market, has a retirement account , a 401 K or any other investment vehicle.
            Then as he’s telling us how much Trump spends, he says Obama’s spending is irrelevant. Well if you have nothing to compare it to,as to recent Presidential spending, then whatever he ( Trump ) spends can’t be compared to anything.
            Yes Trump & Obama are friends. Then WHY is Obama out campaigning AGAINST candidates who belong to the same party Trump does? Seems strange to do that to a FRIEND.And he’s so close to the Clinton’s that Hillary has been bad mouthing him for almost 2 years.
            I always thought FRIENDS helped each other.

          • parthenon1

            I think cristoiglesia is a clever one I assume she is female but she is also smart and has been playing me. She first came outg against Trump then a few messages later she sounded like a Trump fan or at least a conservative then praised the Dems and Obama and chsstised me for wanting Trtump to clesn out his staff and other beaureaus of spies and closet
            Dems. As I read her subsequent messages I had to chuckle at how I had been played and say she won admiringly even!

          • I am definitely a male and an ideological conservative. IOW’s, the opposite of you ideologically. I am definitely not a fan of Trump or any other leftists like you adoringly support. I have never praised I have never praised Democrats or Obama and I recognize that Trump is a lifetime far left liberal Democrat who changed his party just before the election to run as a Republican. His action essentially made it impossible to elect a conservative or a Republican as neither was running. Your intellect and judgement is woefully lacking. I am a Catholic priest and would do well to read my blog here:

          • bob

            From the reply & post below I think whoever cristoiglesia is IT might be one of those he/she or a ” EUNUCH ” you know a person with no brains or dick.

          • Your reading comprehension is woefully lacking and you are handicapped by that reality. Try to focus on what I write so tht you can respond appropriately if you are capable. I have NEVER said that Obama’s spending is irrelevant, but instead I have tried to focus you on Trump and his actions. Obama is irrelevant because he is no longer the POTUS and has no influence on the direction of the country financially or socially. Ideologically Trump and Obama are identical even though Trump switched parties from his lifetime party the Democrat party to Republican to run with his close friend Hillary to make it certain that no matter who won a lifetime leftist Democrat would be elected. Indeed, Trump and Obama are friends. If Trump had not used his influence as a Democrat insider and king maker to get Obama nominated, Obama would never have been POTUS. He also used his money along with his friend George Soros’ money to get Obama elected. Trump and Obama are ideologically the same. Yes, I am sure that when the Clinton’s were the guests of honor at Trump’s wedding to Melania that they were invited to this position of honor at his wedding because they were enemies. You really have a great problem with logical thinking. They surely do help each other and remain best friends even now. Their partnership in this scheme got a far left lifetime Democrat ideologue elected as POTUS.

          • bob

            −Hey stupid

            cristoiglesia parthenon1 • 4 days ago
            First of all, the Obama’s are irrelevant to the discussion.

            This was YOUR response to parthenon. Do you recognize your own named or are you that brain dead

          • What?

          • Obama was not pocketing 3 million dollars a week by playing golf from us taxpayers.

          • bob

            Where did you come up with that 3 million dollar figure from? Was it on a piece of paper stuck in your mouth when you pulled your head out of your ass?

          • No, unlike you I do research to know the truth.

          • Not even close. Please research before commenting. Facts are needed instead of fantasy. The Obama’s did not profit from these trips as does the Donald who is being paid millions on each of his trips..

          • irene

            LOL! You DON’T know much about BIG business, do you??? Trump is an EXCEPTIONALLY EXCELLENT businessman! He KNOW’S what to do, unlike stupid idiots like you that can only sit back and criticize! WHAT ARE YOU ON??? Or do you wait until you’re thoroughly DRUNK to make comments???

          • I do not drink at all except for the sacramental blood of Christ. Never have used alcohol but you seem to be the one inebriated. I pity you for your ignorance and inability to discuss the topics with intelligence and knowledge. Please, at least, make an effort at discussing the topics or just sit back , read and learn. Here is a link to my blog which will point you in the right direction to learn:

          • irene

            LOL! Get out of here, cristoiglesia! This is NOT a SNL or a COMEDY!!! You’re making all of us laugh at you!!!

          • You should be ashamed of proclaiming your ignorance to all. I do not laugh at those who are ignorant like yourself but have pity for you instead.

          • irene

            You’re pitiful! LOL!

          • This is not your website…If you cannot discuss the topic with intelligence and knowledge you should just sit back read and learn. Do some research on Trump’s recent and lifetime past as a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. Otherwise, you are appearing uninformed and ignorant of the topics being discussed.

          • irene


          • bob

            Sometimes I laugh at his/her shit so fu*king hard I fall of my chair.
            I’ve cut & pasted & passed on some of his or her bullshit & even some of my liberal friends have asked be the same question, is this asshole a JOKE?

          • I have a very different response to your self deluded ignorance and that is pity. You are actually proud of your ignorance and lack of research.

        • His son-in law Jared Kushner is in bed with George Soros. As a result the Trump’s received between two and three billion dollars from Soros. Jared Kushner received even more in loans which have no payback agreement. Clearly Soros owns the Trump’s. The Obama’s are irrelevant except they are also close friends with the Trump’s. It was the Donald that is responsible for getting Obama nominated as the Democrat candidate when Trump was the “king maker” among Democrats. Trump and George Soros funded Obama’s campaign.

  • Observant_One

    This disgusting woman should have been locked out of Washington permanently.
    But no, she slithers through the cracks in government doors like a slimy snake when no one is looking.
    She is a genuine POS.

  • parthenon1

    Every body makes mistakes but changing when they see the light is good, Hell I was a (Dixiecrat) Democrat until Lyndon Johnson and the parties dirty work made me change to Republican !

  • bob

    Don’t know about any of you folks posting on here,but I’m NOT going to pay attention or respond to anything
    Cristoiglesia posts. He has the intelligence of a dead flee & the common sense of a grain of sand. He must be posting this stuff just to see what responses he gets , as he must be “lonely as hell ” as I don’t think anyone with a minuet spec of a brain would or could carry on a person to person conversation with him.

    • You leftist Democrats say that to all of us conservative Republicans. You all seem to be proud of being so woefully uninformed. Just continue your adoration of your leftist Democrat orange God Trump. We conservative Republicans do not have the same regard as you for leftist Democrats even if they pretend to be conservatives and/or Republicans. Do some research and do not continue to appear so foolish for following blindly this lifetime far left liberal Democrat Trump. Get informed so that you can at least support your leftist ideology succinctly and as an informed person.