Yates Won’t Say If Trump Was Wiretapped

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates declined to say any Presidential candidates had their communications intercepted by American intelligence during the 2016 campaign Monday.

“Was there any incidental collection, where our intelligence community collects information involving a presidential candidate, on either side of the aisle, during 2015 or 2016,” Sen. Lindsay Graham’s (R-SC) asked Yates and fellow witness before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Clapper answered that he was not aware of any such collection, but Yates was less categorical. She declined to answer, noting that FBI Director James Comey had done so to the same question and that doing so comported to DOJ policy.

“Again you should not draw from that that my answer is yes, but rather that the answer would require me to reveal classified information,” Yates told the Committee.

President Donald Trump made headlines with his March allegation that he and his staff had been “wiretapped” at Trump Tower. Senator Graham has expressed his grave concern of the implications if Trump himself had been recorded in intelligence operations conducted under the Obama administration.

Graham phrased his initial question to refer also to presidential staff and campaign members, but narrowed his focus the candidates themselves before the witnesses gave their answers.


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    I love when a liberal is asked a “direct question where they have to say YES OR NO”, THEY NEVER ANSWER. If they do, they lie.

    • Maudlean Spires

      And there is the reason that Comey was fired. He would never give a yes or no answer to anything. He always sidestepped and left room to backtrack at a later time. His job was one that required a simple two or three letter word to reach a decision. He needed to reach a decision about Hillary and the emails and he sidestepped it instead saying that she did use a server that wasn’t approved “but” she didn’t have an unlawful intent to commit a crime by using a different server. This was not a yes or no answer, it was an excuse for her to do what she did. All he had to say about Russia interfering in the presidential election was a simple yes or no. Instead he went into a long way of saying he didn’t find any facts to back it up but that didn’t mean that they didn’t. A simple yes or no without using that word “but”. “But” is the three letter word that got him fired. Yes or no are the two or three letter words that would have kept his job for him.

      • biilyjoe

        That’s because he learned all his doublethink from hanging around Loretta Lynch-mob, Caliph Obongo, and the Clinton Foundation cheaters and syphilitics . They have a disease that spreads –its called Lying Greed and it gets financed by Lucifer Soros.

        • Maudlean Spires

          That is one of the requirements of being a demoRat. You have to be able to lie out of both sides of your mouth at the same time.

  • Grim Reaper

    Yates is a total Socialist Dem Hack and I would love to see her liberal ass sold to some whacked out Muslim guy and thrown into a hajib so she can be treated like the dog she is.

  • doc suske

    you mean, saying NO is classified? If not, the answer must be YES- Dems don’t lie, they just don’t tell the truth.

  • jjmcl431

    no matter how you spin it Yates answer or rather “non-answer” comes out to a very loud “Yes” that Pres. Trump was wiretapped.

  • biilyjoe

    She’s a libtard bytched-out LIAR.

  • Gen11American

    Don’t bother giving that anti-Trump witch the opportunity to refuse to answer questions! Strap her up to a lie-detector machine and have an expert ask the questions We The People need to know! During Thursday’s hearing, every member of the Intel Committee kissed Comey’s ass, including the Chairman, Senator Richard Burr! His opening statement (available online) is so disgusting in view of the fact that Comey has likely been the “leaker” all along, whose evil motive as a Clinton lacky was bringing down Donald Trump, Senator Burr should be forced to resign from the committee immediately and someone who is truly interested in learning the truth about what’s really going on the DC Swamp should replace him!