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BREAKING: President Trump Tells Congress To Take Care Of DACA

On Twitter this morning, Donald Trump called out all of Congress in a short, simple tweet that relayed his intentions.

This is a shift from the President previously signaling that he would end DACA himself – something supporters among his base would really love to see.

If such a shift is taking place (as it appears to be), then that means that Trump either did not want to end DACA all along or he has encountered some difficulty in doing so himself. Either way, shifting the issue over to Congress gives Trump cover, as many Congressional Republicans have shown they have no interest in getting rid of the plan.


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  • Richard Bagenstose

    well if trump was as smart as they say he is , he would go on tv and ask americans who’s job is it to write laws, my job is to protect the country and enforce our laws , if congress don’t like it , let them do their jobs and change the laws, for 8 years they sat back and watched oboma write executive order after executive order acting like it’s the law now, but that is not how our system is suppose to work, it’s not trumps job to write laws but you blame him for the things oboma did, i don’t know if your just blind or stupid

  • jim jones

    Illegal is illegal, round them up and ship them out, don’t break your promise to America!