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Here’s What the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Really Thinks About Soldiers’ Right to Privacy

The Phoenix Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) medical center has accessed the medical records of soldiers it never even treated. And, a whistleblower is claiming that the VA has threatened whistleblowers whom have called for a halt to this unethical behavior.

Jared Kinnaman, a vocational rehabilitation counselor at the Phoenix VA has written public letters, documenting the shoddy behavior of the VA and calling for the resignation of its director Glen Grippen, and secretary Robert McDonald. Said Kinnaman to the Daily Caller:

“They need to be held accountable for their lying.”

In a letter to Grippen, Kinnaman stated:

“I and several other whistleblowers have brought to you and your leadership staff members on numerous occasions, factual and undeniable evidence that you and your staff have not resolved. Instead, we have received countless forms of harassment, defamation, and threats while working and receiving care at this medical facility.”

Further investigation has found that some of the whistleblowers Kinnaman is referring to in his letter have had their medical records accessed by authorities at the Phoenix VA-even when the whistleblowers were never treated at that facility.

What do you think readers? Is Kinnaman correct in calling for the resignation of director Glen Grippen? Leave your answers in the comments section below.