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Kerry Sounds Off On Trump Decisions

Former Secretary of State John Kerry stated on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” that President Donald Trump has “hugely damaged American credibility on a global basis.”

Kerry said, “The president has hugely damaged American credibility on a global basis. He has upset alliances, which are critical to America’s long-term security.”

He continued, “He’s left leaders around the world worried and wondering what the next shoe to fall may be. It is no way to conduct the critical affairs of our nation and I think it puts our interest at risk. It will cost us both money and, frankly, some of the decisions he’s made will cost us lives.”

  • Ken

    Only CNN would interview a has been like Lurch. Thank God he was never our president, we would probably be ruled by Iran by now.

    • Perfick

      Kerry looks like a werewolf in transition.

  • Patrick Feeney

    John Kerry is a liar! He made false claims about his experience in Viet Nam!

    • crockett

      I just made a statement about that liar moments ago ..Thanks for remembering about it too ..



  • Ron Long

    Kerry MUST be arrested and prosecuted for his dealings with the Iranians, he has no official function or authorization to be negotiating with a foreign power, while they are at it, they could arrest Jerry Brown for his agreement with China on the defunct Global Warming boondoggle he went to China and entered into an agreement with them on upholding the Paris agreement. Another flagrant violation of the Constitution.

  • jackel

    Again another liberal globalist with no facts just comments that don’t make sense against our government, just not President Donald Trump. Whose payroll is he on since he can’t collect from us anymore (secretary of state), Iran???? G. Soros??? H. Clinton???? B. Obama?? Among many anti-American individuals and groups. And, CNN is not a news service but propaganda for the Liberal, left President Trump hating socialist.
    This crap is only news for the people who just don’t understand what is going on and at stake.
    If the Iran deal was good, why did Kerry and Obama not get in ratified by Congress to preserve it—-it was a total dude deal for the United States but big feathers in the hats of Kerry and Obama (helping their friends to America and not helping our national security or the worlds.).

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    This is the man who claimed to be a hero and actually shot himself in the behind. We need more liberals like him like we need more people to choose hell rather than salvation through Christ. The Liberals have given us a bad name around the world for backing out of agreements like we did with many South American Countries and also Eastern Europe. Kerry did you forget about Obama promises to the Ukraine? The more these liberals reveal they have no Heavenly Father, the more you realize who there substitute father is, the father of lies who was a liar from the beginning.

  • Dan

    John Kerry the elite intellectual tries to be so elegant and sophisticated. What is he doing meeting with a foreign political foe like Iran anyway. Looks like collusion to me. And has anyone noticed the similarity in John Kerry’s face with the character “Rocky” Dennis in the movie “Mask”?

  • Shelly Shannon

    And Kerry did such an outstanding job when Democrats were in charge? It is always easier when you are a pu$$y and your world leader is such a coward that he has to pay off foreign countries and cow tow to every demand our allies make because he is so weak, and the thought of not being liked takes a hit to his ego, and yep! there goes his narcissistic supply. Democrats have a lot of gall to go after our President especiall when their reign was such a failure.

    • Perfick

      Absolutely correct. And how can Kerry claim that Trump “has hugely damaged American credibility on a global basis?” That makes no sense. When Trump says he is going to do something,he does it. Gets us out of sorry trade agreements and imposes tariffs. The only thing he hasn’t been able to deliver (YET) are things that Obama’s Communist appointed judges have prevented him from doing. And that is about to end, as soon as we get our Supreme Court Justices seated.

      • Shelly Shannon

        Because this isn’t really about what Trump has done or not done. This is all about Impeaching Trump.

  • Tomcat01

    And this from the village idiot who helped negotiate some of the losing treaties under 44?

  • Bishop351

    Kerry can’t find the bathroom by himself (although his pink tutu would look nice in the transgender closet.)

  • bob

    No Mr. Kerry, we should just keep bent over & let the rest of the world ( friendly or not ) just keep shoving that 10 foot pole up our ass, cause they’ve been doing it for decades . And you & the last administration provided the grease to slide it up there another couple of feet.
    It’s an improvement for world leaders NOT to know when & where then next shoe will go,cause it might go right up their ass, NOT just dropped in appeasement like you assholes did.

  • Ed Price

    I’m sorry is this guy still in office??? Is he relevant to today?? Why is he involving himself in affairs that he is not asked to involve himself with??? Look at the Iran debacle, how many billions of cash were delivered??? That’s CASH, GREENBACKS. How much went into his pockets??? Would you please go away. You are part of the Washington elite and have no clue what is good or bad for America.

  • Kirk Kahler

    what a total ass he is ! if any thing trump has put an end of these other country’s ripping America off ! trump is working to end giving country’s money that hate us ! support terror ! burn our flag ! trump is putting America and American’s first and not going around the world kissing the ass of world leaders saying America is sorry ! America is the greatest country in the world and now trump is standing up for that and the world see this to bad the democrats don’t ! I am so sick and tired of the democrats war on free speech, life, white men, guns, police, faith and ICE ! SICK OF SEEING EVERY DAY THAT THE WANT TO REPLACE ME WITH THERE NEW VOTER BASE THE ILLEGALS ! so tire of the democrats willing to put illegals above me ! protect them over me ! use me a cash cow to support there new voter base the illegals with free schooling, food stamps, free legal help, housing , medical and welfare when there are millions of true American’s in need were our roads, rails and bridges are falling a part ! what balls this POS has to go on TV and say any thing about trump let alone America ! American’s better wake up soon and see for them self’s the danger that democrats are to them and America !!

  • Bennett

    Kerry made the worst possible agreement with Iran and now has the unmitigated gaul to criticize Trump who is trying to undo the damage Kerry created.

  • Grandpa


  • John Eastin

    if Kerry and company were worth anything they would still be in office so ignore him

  • Lori

    Why is he not in prison? And his a-hole son too?

  • Nikita63

    John Forbes Kerry is an utterly untrustworthy career thief and parasite who has WRONGLY been recognized as a hero for his four month tour in Vietnam, shortened by his 3 purple heartsl NONE OF WHICH EVER REQUIRED HOSPITALIZATION. I witnessed his cowardice when I was part of a weapons interdiction and search and destroy mission with elements of the 199th Light Infantry and the 3rd Australian Task force on the Cua Lon River in Vietnam’s Central Highlands between Nha Trang and Pleiku, When enemy contact ensued, PCF-94, later identified as commanded by Kerry, took of upriver and was not seen again until well after the other 3 boats had acted as assigned as cover fire for our engagement and eventual withdrawal. The whole incident is covered in the book Unfit for Command by Dr. Jerome Corsi and Kerry’s replacement as commander of PCF-94 , John E. O’Neill. there are also pictures of his being acknowledged and feted as :a “Hero of the North Vietnamese People,” later in Ho chi Minh City (Saigon) at the War Remnants Museum after the war by North Vietnam’s Secretary General of the Communist Party Do Muoi! He was a traitor then and he IS a Traitor now, by his on admission in trying to subvert Trump and doing so in complicity with IRAN. If we had a functional DOJ, he would be where he belongs: in prison or against a Wall awaiting execution; a fate he has earned and sure as hell DESERVES in this Vietnam Vet’s opinion! I am not asking anyone to accept my opinion: Read the damned book and draw your own conclusions but I will despise this BASTARD; forever!

    • crockett

      Semper Fi !

      • Nikita63

        This We’ll Defend and Hoo-Yah to you too, brother in arms. It might have to happen again at some point soon but I am sure most who count WILL be ready to cross the line in the sand when we HAVE TO! the Pro-Iranian scumbag WILL NOT be one of us; as he NEVER was!

        • crockett

          You’re right , the scum from the swamp will keep up his BS unless Sessions will get his Sh** together and charge him with TREASON to the USA ..Making contact with the enemy is grounds for prosecution ….

          • Nikita63

            IF we had a real DOJ, he would be indicted , charged, tried and if convicted on THAT charge, likely executed for it by firing squad. I would dance a jig if it were to happen; and, I would hope that rather going down alone, would finally come clean and inform on his fellow purveyors of HIGH TREASON and you can bet he would have proof of their complicity and provide it so his final misery would have plenty of Company; like the last President and wannabe and most of their party from hell about which NOTHING American has existed since the 1968 DNC in , of all places, CHICAGO, and while I was Serving in the bloody bad joke that Was Vietnam and killed 58,479 Americans FOR NOTHING, and from which many are still dying from exposure to Agent Orange used on us by our OWN FOREVER BE DAMNED GOVERNMENT. I carry a 100% disability from it for multiple reasons; none of which showed ANY symptoms until 38 YEARS after exposure. It does not help that I was personal assistant to and protection for Chaplain C.A.Liteky, MOH awardee for VALOR of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade and also served with Jan C. Scruggs, chief reason for the existence of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Establishment Washington needs to be FUMIGATED. STRICT TERM LIMITS, need to be on the 2020 ballot and passed, IF we would keep our freedoms God Bless Trump, and send every Progressive democrat and establishment career parasite and prevaricating thief to the dump!

  • Albedamned!

    They only damage to the American credibility, has been by the spineless Democrats!

  • Challenger

    Nobody gives a rats ass what he has to say about anything him and oblamo aren`t in charge of ruining the country anymore.

  • Richard

    John Kerry, the coward of the country, he was “wounded” three times as the captain of a swift boat. All this occurred in less than 6 months in country, a quick tour. Three Purple Hearts with no lasting effects, how wonderful for him, also he seemed to have a camera man following him. Not to say anything about his habit of marrying rich women. Worthless liberal bastard.

    • crockett

      He did that Sh#^& to his self but won’t admit it , COWARD PLAIN AND SIMPLE ! Revoke his Purple Hearts and give them to someone that truly earned them ..

  • crockett

    John Kerry turned his back and stabbed in the back his fellow comrades in Viet Nam .. He was then and is still now a POS …He left the Marines and Army and went to DC and told all sorts of lies about our fighting HEROES in NAM …I would have give anything if they would have shipped his ass back to Nam..,He wouldn’t be a pain in our rears right now because he wouldn’t have made it back Stateside…Right Brothers ?