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Media’s Islamophobia Poster Boy Was Just Caught Doing Something Appalling

Two short years ago, several liberal media outlets including MSNBC, The Guardian, and Mother Jones trotted out Saadiq Long as evidence that the TSA’s no-fly list constituted institutional Islamophobia.

Long was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who had converted to Islam and moved overseas to Qatar. He was living there with his family when his mother who lived in Oklahoma became terribly ill.

It was then that Long learned that his name had been added to the no-fly list. It took several months of legal wrangling between Homeland Security and Long’s CAIR attorneys, but he was finally allowed to fly to Oklahoma.

While in Oklahoma, Long had a run-in with local police and the FBI, which once again landed him back on the no-fly list, preventing him from returning to Qatar.

In order to get around the restriction, Long eventually hopped on a bus to Mexico. From there he was able to get a flight back to Qatar.

In a stunning turn of events, U.S. and Turkish officials have confirmed that Long was arrested near the Turkish-Syrian border after attempting to join the terror group ISIS.

Long was arrested along with eight others, including members of his own family.

Back in 2013, Long had claimed that the government’s actions were ‘indefensible.’ Apparently they knew something that the liberal media wasn’t interested in seeing.

Does it surprise you that something like this would happen?