Pruitt takes fire from conservatives

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is coming under fire from conservatives amid a simmering behind-the-scenes fight over how far to take President Donald Trump’s push to undo his predecessor’s climate change agenda.

In discussions with the White House over the executive order Trump is scheduled to sign on Tuesday, Pruitt successfully argued against including language revoking the agency’s 2009 “endangerment finding,” according to two sources close to the issue.

The endangerment finding declared that greenhouse gas emissions threaten human health and welfare and made EPA legally responsible for regulating carbon dioxide. It later set in motion much of former President Barack Obama’s climate agenda. To many conservative skeptics of mainstream climate science, overturning the finding is an essential first step toward successfully undoing Obama administration climate regulations on everything from power plants to vehicles.

But Pruitt, with the backing of several White House aides, argued in closed-door meetings that the legal hurdles to overturning the finding were massive, and the administration would be setting itself up for a lengthy court battle.

A cadre of conservative climate skeptics are fuming about the decision — expressing their concern to Trump administration officials and arguing Pruitt is setting himself up to run for governor or the Senate. They hope the White House, perhaps senior adviser Stephen Bannon, will intervene and encourage the president to overturn the endangerment finding.


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source: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/pruitt-climate-change-236572

  • Sharo

    Just another example of so-called “conservatives” acting based on “lack of knowledge.” Anyone with ha;lf a brain and memory knows the “endangered acts” cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars, to what avail. There are species still dying off no matter how much these “activists” try to save them. It’s called the law of entropy. And FYI every time a major volcano erupts, huge amounts of volcanic ash is spewed into the atmosphere, raising the Carbon Dioxide levels to the point of negating any gains made by “man” to reduce his “carbon footprint.” Let’s just use common sense and reason, instead of hysteria. Look up reports done by famous Volcanologist’s yourself. Do some real research and become educated, instead of always accepting what the “lamestream” media feeds you every day!

    • souper

      You need to read the article again. Pruitt wants the endangerment part left alone. Opposite of what the conservatives, and apparently you, want. “Pruitt successfully argued against including language revoking the agency’s 2009 “endangerment finding,” Pay attention don’t blindly follow along just because you errantly think somebody is against Trump.

  • mike

    My take on POTUS and removing many if not all of Back Stabber rules and regs. Trump has shown that he is into the job to work. His party needs to help him get things done by giving advice and support. Not bickering among themselves, causing delays and media food. It takes time to get to each of the issues Bac ack screwed up. He has enough with the Dimms and their constant lying. Also I an really tired of hearing about Russian ties. Let’s move onto more important issue.

    • VirgoVince

      Thank you, Mike, MY sentiments exactly!!
      STOP ALL the ugly lefturd idiotic OBSTACLES and HARASSMENT!!

  • Tom F

    Let’s hit these Dimwits with facts – Carbon Dioxide is ESSENTIAL to life on Earth! And, NO ONE has a clue to the optimum level of CO2 in the atmosphere – and to even begin to research that, you would need to define the optimum amount of vegetation to have in our environment. These “Scientists” haven’t begun to do that work – instead, they simply have picked an arbitrary level based on an arbitrary point in time – the beginning of the Industrial Revolution – as “optimum.” They haven’t a clue what the real optimum level is – let alone really define the desired results – and don’t have a clue how to actually achieve that level. They just want more and more of our money to support their BULLSHIT!

  • Byron Claghorn

    Now is the time to fully-expose the fraudulent “Man-Made Climate Change” & “Global Warming” hoax perpetrated by the Political and Unscientific UN IPCC which does not follow scientific methods and the Left-Wing Progressive/Globalist and Democratic Party that promote that Man and the use of Fossil Fuels with their tentative link using Carbon Dioxide (a trace gas which is mostly produced naturally) at only 400 ppm. Analysis of Ice Core Samples have proven that CO2 has an insignificant impact on atmospheric warming, but the Sun as the primary driver and forcing agent for climate change causes CO2 increases due to its evaporation along with Water Vapor (H2O) into the atmosphere where CO2 primarily has a BENEFICIAL Effect improving Plant Life that absorb CO2 and produce the Oxygen (O2) humans and all animals breath — CO2 and Carbon are essential for all life; Plus all living things are Carbon Structures. Plus there is no scientific evidence that the earth is in danger of an unlimited warming climate crisis!

    Over 99.99% of the Earth’s Greenhouse Gases (1%) are created Naturally – Man’s contributions , including Carbon Dioxide, are insignificant and have no significant impact on Climate Change! (e.g., CO2 is a naturally produced Trace Gas currently at 400 ppm with only 0.002% created by Man.

    Only 2 One-Thousandth of a percent is an extremely Trace and insignificant concentration – Natural Water Vapor is currently the primary Greenhouse Gas at 9,500 ppm and exhibits the largest warming effect that remains balanced and keeps our planet pleasantly habitable with No Global Warming for the last 18.5 years since 1998!

    Those that claim a Global Warming Crisis this century when CO2 reaches 600 ppm are not telling you the truth – During the very cold Ice Age CO2 concentrations exceeded 4,000 ppm – CO2 does not cause Global Warming.

    Don’t just take my word for this, you should use the link below to view an excellent and scientifically-based Video by the actual Climate & Solar Scientists that analyzed many of the Ice-Core Samples and received NASA awards of Excellent for the work on Satellite and Global Temperature measurement: CLICK ON THIS LINK to have expert and honest Climate Scientists amplify and verify the above points! https://youtu.be/52Mx0_8YEtg

    • souper

      So you disagree with Pruitt on this?

      • Byron Claghorn

        No, I fully agree with Scott Pruitt — He as well as most scientists know that the Man-Made Climate Change Alarmist movement is a complete fabrication and fraud. And that there is no scientific basis to assume an imminent Warming Climate Crisis — at least until 3-5 Billion years from now when the Sun consumes all of it Hydrogen fuel supply turning it into Helium fuel and our Star, The Sun, expands from a Yellow Dwarf Star to a Giant Red Star and consumes the inner planets, including the Earth!

        I agree with Trump & Pruitt that we must put a stop to the gross waste of taxpayer’s money funding bogus research into Man-Made Climate Change & Subsidies to Renewable Energy that cost the taxpayers $70+ Billion/year, if not more! The Sun, not trace quantities of CO2, is the primary driver of climate change — Climate Change is 99.9% natural and beyond the control of Man.

        We just need to prepare for the coming Global Cooling Solar Minimum that is already started down and much colder winters in the Northern Hemisphere for the next 20-30 years!
        Al Gore, Obama, Kerry and the Democrats have been lying to everyone to further their progressive & globalist agendas to undermine our constitution.