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Ridiculous: Another Immigration Order Ruled Unconstitutional

A county judge in Florida has ruled unconstitutional on Tenth Amendment grounds another of President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration, this one concerning federal funding for sanctuary cities.

This week President Trump is signing a new executive order (EO) to replace Executive Order 13769, the one restricting immigration from seven terror-prone nations that had been stayed (i.e., put on hold) by left-leaning judges in first by Washington State and later by the U.S. Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit, which the president signed on Jan. 27 of this year.

Often overlooked is an EO the president signed earlier that week. On Jan. 25, Trump issued EO 13768, concerning several other immigration issues, such as prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens.

Regarding “sanctuary cities”—cities and counties that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities on deportations—Section 2(c) of the earlier EO requires federal agencies that such cities “that fail to comply with applicable Federal law do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by law.”


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  • Cookie Vranish

    These judges are corrupt. Trump wants the cities to comply with law and the judges claim they don’t have to. The judges should be removed!

  • Cuebid6

    Impeached with extreme prejudice ( loss of citizenship ).

  • mac12sam12

    Do what Obama would do, ignore the judges.

    • plum82

      There you go ~~~~~~~

    • metheoldsarge

      Only a Democrat can do that and get away with it.

    • Gloria D.

      Bingo!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!!

    • AL, Orange Park, FL


  • Dave T.

    Impeach the judge for not upholding the law!!!
    After impeachment, replace him with a conservative judge.
    Repeat the process for ALL lawbreaking judges and thus DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

    • Gloria D.

      Yeah..who is steering President Trump. He needs to do this now!!

    • Margie Nicely

      Yes, drain the swamp!

  • Ron Long

    The term unconstitutional is thrown about rather loosely by several Judges, it is their escape clause to not have to rule according to law.

  • The constitution applies to Americans, it was not drafted to make illegals more comfortable! The Constitution has nothing to do with foreign invaders! Trump has every right to withhold federal funds from these idiots, they are anti-American pricks!

    • Gloria D.

      We must all get down on the judge and tie the WH’s phone up and tell them a piece of our minds!!! Illegals are just that. They have no rights here!!!

    • Margie Nicely

      Unfortunately, the judges and priests don’t understand all of that!

  • Norman Fox

    To all judges who are leftist, snowflakes, dumocrats etc. If you do not like how the United States of America acts in our sovereignty by getting rid of illegals, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY. GO TO ONE OF THOSE WHO LIKE TO KILL JUST TO KILL, MAYBE YOU WILL BE PUT OUT OF YOUR MISERABLE EXISTANCE

  • Finder1009

    lmao a County Judge is NOT the Supreme Court. Illegal ruling by someone without the power to make that decision

  • metheoldsarge

    Get used to it people. The liberals are going to be doing things like this for the next four years. As long as people keep voting liberal nothing is going to get done.

  • Niko

    There should be a law put in place to crush the skulls of these filthy libretarded judges legislating from the hip. Jail is and would be to expensive, just bring on these judges demise.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    time to arrest the judges and make them prove there case in court, judges ain’t above the law either

  • Freedom Rules

    What President Trump Has Done With Those Executive Orders Is Constitutional, These Communist Liberal Judges They Are Lying. These POS Judges Are Breaking The Law By Not Enforcing The Law. Besides These Judges Can Not Rule Over A Sitting President, The President Has More Power Then These Judges Have..

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Drain the cesspool forthwith.

  • Babsan

    These CORRUPT Democrat so called judges are Anti American and should be unseated

  • tom

    No surprise. The judiciary is as much a part of the problem as members of the ruling class, the elites, the establishment as any Democrat in congress or member of the Administrative State. Apparently it is unconstitutional for the government to protect and defend our borders and American citizens. Maybe it should be unconstitutional to provide security for members of the judiciary, members of any cause group who is fighting to let illegals in, unvetted refugees in and keeping those who have overstayed their visa in the country.

  • CaptTurbo

    Screw that corrupt little judge. I rule him an irrelevant idiot.

  • Peter Osborne

    County judge? Affects only that county and no where else. What a maroon!

    • Terry Butts

      Unfortunately those opposed to anything Trump does do not care what restrictions exist on a judges authority they think they can enforce even a CITY judges ruling nation wide if it hinders Trump getting the laws of this nation enforced instead of ignored. Even pointing to the past presidents who were DERELICT in their duty to this nation by ignoring those laws in preference to POLITICALLY CORRECT ASSUMPTIONS that violated those laws as an excuse.

      • Peter Osborne

        BTW, Terry, these judges should be impeached and removed fro m office, that can be done when they imagine themselves a law bypassing the legislatures.

        • Terry Butts

          The problem is we need people in the position that is supposed to reign such judges that will do it more often than not the ones tasked with keeping the “checks and balances” in our government are either siding with the ones abusing their authority or just ignoring their duty to protect the citizens of this nation from them.

          One of the biggest things these judges and those complaining the IMMIGRATION LAW somehow violates their rights have not understood or simply ignore because they want to be part of some GLOBAL no borders government is that the constitution clearly states the rights spelled out within its content are the “RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE” so unless their is a TREATY with their nation extending those rights to its citizens they have no constitutional rights just the basic human rights spelled out in other international treaties ratified by congress.

  • Chuck

    So is this “judge” saying that the President has no right to direct or deny the use of federal funds? How in the hell is the tenth amendment affected here? Are we to accept that the states have the right to demand federal funds when they feel like it and that the federal government has no say in the matter? This is a kind of anarchistic issue. Does the federal government have the right to collect taxes? If so, does the federal government have the power to direct how and where those tax funds shall be used? If not then the nation has little to bind it together. The power to tax may be the power to destroy, but if there is no power to tax, is there a government? If there is no government then should we form interstate alliances and be armed and ready to respond to the provocations of the more avaricious states? This judge is constructing a formula for the dissolution of the country.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    This judge needs to be disbarred and banned from law in any and all forms for life. Trump and law enforcement should ignore this ILLEGAL ruling. Funding law breakers is ILLEGAL so this Judge is violating not only separation of powers clause but he is aiding and abetting so his ruling is to be ignored.

  • jjmcl431

    to paraphrase what Pres.Jackson said way back in the game..”the court has made it’s ruling,now let it try to in force it.”

  • Terry Butts

    So in simple terms this JUDGE thinks the constitution supports BLATANT VIOLATIONS of EXISTING ALREADY RULED CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS?

    The FIRST civil war in this nation the one in the 1860’s was about a group of states that REFUSED to obey certain federal laws who actually LEFT THE UNION so they would not have to obey those laws.

    Now we have cities that have BLATANTLY STATED THAT NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE MURDERED they will not honor deportation orders EVEN FOR THE ONES COMMITTING THOSE CRIMES and a judge declares they must continue to receive federal funding when NOT MANDATED BY LAW as any that is was not stopped by this order.

    The order stated “do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by law.” this NEGATES the judges claim it violates the 10th amendment as any funds MANDATED BY IT would not have been affected by this order as the CONSTITUTION is the law of the land as is the IMMIGRATION LAW that these cities have BLATANTLY CONFESSED to violating.

  • NoBamaNoMo

    Isn’t it funny how corrupt these judges are. We don’t have a legal system anymore. We have politicized schmucks pretending to be judges. Next to being called a racist, a bigot and whatever phobe, things being called unconstitutional is the new libtard mode of operation and buzz word. It’s unconstitutional if it serves their agenda. Does anybody remember the nationwide 55 mph speed limit? It’s a state issue, but any state that refused to enforce the double nickel would lose tons of federal money, get fines and legal action would be taken against the governors and mayors. It’s amazing though how willingly states fell inline with THAT law, because it suited them just fine. They could write plenty of speeding tickets and all of a sudden their police officers had plenty of time on hand to assist the feds in enforcing that stupid law. So banana republic!

  • Larry Cowden

    Sessions has begun to drain the “judicial swamp” by firing all those appointed by Obama. Their replacements should make it a lot harder for the rest of those liberal trash to fight or overturn the new regulations and laws coming.

  • ErnieLane

    President Trump should instruct the Executive Branch to ignore piss-ant county judges on Consitutional issues. State judges, too.

  • Margie Nicely

    Remember judges are lawyers with more power! They are corrupt! And they are very foolish! It must be job security! The more crimes we have, the more judges can make a name for themselves! They are all corrupt!