Ryan defends Trump’s Freedom Caucus attack

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday defended a tweet from that threatened the conservative House Freedom Caucus with political repercussions for blocking healthcare reform legislation.

“I understand the president’s frustration,” Ryan, R-Wis., told reporters who asked him about the tweet. “I share the frustration.”

Trump tweeted Thursday morning that “we must fight,” the Freedom Caucus in the 2018 elections “if they don’t get on the team & fast.”

The HFC comprised the majority of “no” votes that last week sunk a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, a major campaign promise made by Republicans and Trump.

Ryan said House lawmakers are now close to working out a deal, but would not “put some kind of official deadline,” on a second attempt at voting on a measure.


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source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/paul-ryan-defends-trumps-freedom-caucus-attack/article/2618876

  • Stephen Porcari

    Ryan had better watch his own back vice that of the Freedom cacus

  • CaptTurbo

    Ryan is a RINO turd. The Freedom caucus represent We the People.!

    • Shane

      RINO definition – A RINO is any Republican who dares to disagree with an intolerant, inflexible conservative. Politics is the Art of Compromise and the turds in the freedom caucus just embarrassed their Republican president and kept Obamacare alive.

      • CaptTurbo

        If I want to hear your brilliant thoughts I will just fart.

      • pmbalele

        You seem to be a wise guy-did you see pictures of those women on this page? Can you tell me who is giving these women idea to show their private parts in public. Kim Kardashian? I am surprised you do not complain about these women being nude all the time. You must be an old dirt republican.

      • Betty Sakai

        I am an educator. What do you do? Are you in the GOP or are you a Democrat? Identify to me who you are. What is your understanding of the meaning of “conservative”? of “freedom caucus”? Tell me why you believe that politics on the federal level is “the Art of Compromise”?

      • David Jackson

        There is no compromise between leftists and the Constitutional Conservatives. That would be an oxymoron. The former are the global Marxist and the later are the nationalist and followers of the newest form of governance and that is the US Constitution. Stop trying to sit on the fence.

    • pmbalele

      Ryan is a gentleman from Wisconsin who closed the Janesville GM auto-plant in 2007 and then blamed President Obama for the closure. We are told President Obama was not even president in 2007. I am asking Ryan to change his hair-do. He looks like a high school dropout.

  • noyb

    Ryan’s not very bright when only 17% of America is on board and Trump is getting bad advice. I’m starting to become disappointed with Trump.

    • myfordtruck

      don’t believe these polls they just took one in FL..where they polled 600 people to find out what all the people of FL..thought about a gun control issues and there is no way that 600 people can tell what all the people of FL. think also remember the polls about Hillary vs Trump what a farce

      • noyb

        You are right in have no details on who or how this poll was conducted. On top of that I only read or heard this number in new article’s or radio in defense of the freedom caucus.

  • Big Ed

    Having Ryan and McConnell running the party leadership is like cutting it loose and just letting it drift. I don’t blame Ryan for supporting Trump’s belittling of the Freedom Caucus-he is a corrupt politician and it gets the attention diverted from him to some of his people. I do agree with the comment that suggests disappointment with Trump. I think the establishment Republicans are dragging Trump in the wrong direction and it appears Trump isn’t bright enough to figure it out. It appears that between the Democrats and the Republican establishment Trump is being pulled toward the establishment point of view on every issue. If so, soon Trump will become part of the swamp and it will never be drained.

  • kassa1

    All I can say to Trump is he better watch his back with this little communist SOB! When Nancy Polosi and Harry Reid endorse you for the speaker of the house,you know that’s a problem!

  • Betty Sakai

    President Trump has a lot on his plate to forgive his attacking the Freedom Caucus.
    He would be wise to tell Paul Ryan to listen to conservatives because the federal government cannot afford to — no matter how much people want it — provide health care for citizens residing in the states. Obama-Care Light is not what the people want. It will inevitably fail and will set things up for the passage of federal single payer health care. Instead, use your intelligence to write legislation requiring each state to provide through state legislation a full range of coverage for citizens residing their state. Write legislation requiring all health care providers to advertise their fees and fully disclose products and services they provide. Consider the fact that the Justices on the Supreme Court voted politically when they opened the door to federally managed health care, and each of them can be removed by Congress due to their bad behavior.

    • Shane

      No, President Trump was right to attack the fanatics in the freedom caucus for their disloyalty to him and to the Repubican party, and for keeping Obamacare alive. Democrats and Lilberals just love the so-called freedom caucus for all the aid they have given to the Democrat party and the harm that they have caused to the GOP.

  • Betty Sakai

    No time to waste. Democrats are using delaying tactics and simply need to be ignored. The Senate should use the nuclear option to get Gorsuch on the SCOTUS. Ditto for eliminating politicized judges from the Supreme Court down to the lower courts. When judgments are political, for the sake of the people, those judges must be removed from their power position — any way legally possible to expedite it and get it done. The problems we have been seeing for years are a result of (A) the removal of God politically from the historic public discourse, and (B) licensed attorneys dominating all 3 branches of the federal government, making it impossible in the old boys network in the 3 branches to keep each other in check. The people need an army of muckrakers to clean up the Judiciary.

  • carpkiller

    Ryan is the worst kind of loser. They never quit. Get him out of our gov. He will fuck with everything as long as he is there.

  • Ron

    Paul Ryan is only trying to throw the blame are someone besides is sorry ass self. He learn that from his buddies Obama , the Clinton’s , all the liberals and Democrats . If they all had brains, they would still be idiots.

  • The freedom caucus is looking out for the American people. They were once part of the grass roots tea party Here is a link that could better explain things. It is a pod cast from a radio show. http://www.1041kqth.com/shows/the-conservative-circus/the-james-t-harris-show/harris-podcast/replay-of-paul-gosar-interview-plus-the-art-of-the-deal-making-steps-forward-for-our-leadership There are a few other pod casts with Rep. Paul Gosar there that also get into explain this whole mess.

  • Dale

    Ryan’s out for Ryan. HE is the reason the legislation failed. Since giving Obama everything he wanted, he has lost the ability to lead. He should GO. And Trump should be aware that the Freedom Caucus wants to give America what Trump promised America. It will happen.

  • jesse

    Wisconsin, fire this bum!

  • David Jackson

    Trump needs some space on his recent comments. When the president elect begins his term he inherits thousands of bureaucrats from previous administrations and that includes not only the Obama administration but also the Clintons and the Bush’s. It’s impossible to know who is with you and who isn’t. The swamp is deep and wide. It is time to begin neutering what has become the fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy.