Trump confronts new ObamaCare reality

The Trump administration is now confronted with the challenge of deciding how to oversee ObamaCare, a law it fiercely opposes but that is still on the books.

With the Senate’s failure to repeal the healthcare law last month, the Trump administration now has pressing questions to answer about how it will manage a system that provides insurance to more than 10 million people.

President Trump has threatened to cancel key ObamaCare payments to insurers as part of an effort to make the law “implode.” But he is yet to follow through on that threat, leaving insurers in a state of uncertainty.

The next sign-up period for enrolling in ObamaCare begins Nov. 1. The Obama administration ran advertisements to encourage enrollment, but Trump officials have signaled that promotion effort might come to an end.

Indeed, the Trump administration canceled some ObamaCare ads upon taking office in January, which was the end of the last sign-up period.


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source: http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/345962-trump-officials-confront-new-obamacare-reality

  • gvette

    Omuslim care forced upon the American people. I don’t remember reading in the constitution that the federal government can force you to buy something you don’t want, or need. I do remember in history that government run healthcare was one of the first things Hitler did. It’s about control. Nothing more!

    • Albert Witte

      I agree with you on that. I said that when this obammicare was first put into law. I refused to buy into it and still won’t.

    • pmbalele

      If Trump wants 2nd Term he should expand Obamacare to insure Americans of races and creed. I know he is going very well with foreign policy especially confronting that boy from North Korea. We should do Noriega on that boy-capture him and bring here for justice whatever it may be. He is getting too fat and walks as if he is little god. Back to health care. I have suggested to Trump how to finance the health care. This will be having a tax of 0.01 on all items except food. With that tam there will be no deductibles or out of pocket premium payment. You know who will pay more for Obamacare expanded – it is the richest who buy expensive homes; SUV, Luxury Buses, Boats, jets, clothing and spend time in luxury hotel cheating on their wives. So let’s test my recommendation. Forget about Ryancare or Mitchcare. They are bad for this country.

      • gvette

        First, Omuslim care is going away all by it’s self. Insurance companys are dropping out at a fast pace. Off subject for a sec. Show me in the constitution where it says the government can force you to buy something you may not want, or need.
        You want to add tax, to something that is ALREADY a tax. Now, the things you list, are things people want to buy. LOL..our system in this country wasn’t broken in the first place. If you wanted health insurance, you could go buy it. As for poor people, we already had Medicaid. I’ll take you back to Barry’s hero Hitler. One of the first thing he did, was government run healthcare! Try to remember, this was built to fail. The DemonRATS knew it. They thought Killary was a shoe in. It would fail under her term, and then in would come single payer, which is what they wanted in the first place. I want government out of everything. They couldn’t run a hot dog stand without fucking it up.

        • pmbalele

          I am sorry to say your hatred of people of other colors is causing what we had today. 3 people died because the KKK groups want to rule this country.

      • gvette
  • Estell Newton

    It’s up the each person to get their health insurance. Not the government.

  • Spot

    ACA was the right thing to do! Making health care affordable for all. We are about the only major country not to have mandatory heath care! The idea with everyone getting coverage was to make it cheaper and allow the insurance company’s to make a profit! If you drive you have to have insurance there is no difference even driving someone else’s car you should have it. We buy life insurance hoping we don’t need it for 50-60 years.
    We never know when we will need coverage you can have issues and not know it till it hits you!

  • metheoldsarge

    The government needs to stay out of the health care business. When ever they get involved in meddling in private sector business, it becomes a complete disaster.

  • Robert Earl

    I think I heard HHS Secy Price say there are 5.5 million taxpayers who are paying the ACA penalty to avoid having to purchase Obamacare. There must be at least that many who purchased Obamacare but don’t get any benefits because of the high deductibles. What a terribly unfair arrangement…. and congress and their staffs exempted themselves to avoid losing their taxpayer-funded subsidies.

  • Tony Lorentz

    Govt. needs to go back to basics that includes getting out of health care and welfare , student loans , housing , financial industry , etc. . People have become complacent and lazy , I was taught to work for what I get, be responsible and prudent. I do not like seeing my money wasted by others , we need to let the free market work .

  • Ginger

    Time to start cutting off the government funds for the failed Obamacare fiasco. Let it collapse, then vote on measures to allow for a free market system that gives consumers choices, including catastrophic plans, that can be sold across state lines.

    • kruggerx

      Will of NOTHING to cut costs! When an industry has a combined profit of $9.2 BILLION a year and ZERO over sight NOTHING can be done to control costs. Personally having bought insurance for the last 30 years being self employed. Between 1999 and 2010 I went through 62% of increases for premiums and my youngest son who was born with Asthma was NEVER covered, Childhood asthma is considered preexisting. 5 of my 6 family members were covered. I paid an average of $4500.000 a year for the youngest alone. Since 2010 my plan has gone down by 6%. Most of that from switching to a different buying group, NFIB. The biggest problem with ACA was the stipulations on coverages. Like my wife and I in our 50’s don’t need Maternity coverage. But yet if I was covering my children until 26 as many American parents do. then having maternity coverage would be good in case your 23 year old daughter gets pregnant. We need a system that lets you choose what coverages you want sort of like how we buy car insurance. That is simplifying it. But as long as corporate profits and CEO pay along with stack market dividends are tied to the health of the American citizens then healthcare for everyone is IMPOSSIBLE. We have a shrinking middle class with incomes dropping and many jobs NOT offering insurances. MILLIONS not being able to pay the high premiums. Why should a hard working American father that makes $20 an hour not be able to afford to purchase insurance for his 3 children? Anyone that thinks after paying ALL the taxes it costs to live here thinks that man can afford $1300.00 – $1600.00 a month is STUPID. Take into account land taxes, Sales taxes, Oil taxes , gas taxes and FICA with ONLY those making over $250,000.00 per year have FICA withholdings capped. Tell me how would you budget that expense into a job that only pays $40,000.00 a year BEFORE taxes?

  • parthenon1

    Seuffing Obama care in the waste basket is easy STOP FUNDING IT ! Congress makes decision on funding so stop funding Obama care ! Then go back to what we had before Obama messed it up, identify the problem and the problem group and address these only . . . .Un paid Emergency room costs and some people cant afford insurance (including those who refuse to work and those who cant. Help the ones who cant and drop the ones who wont then address the emergency room problem with a basic insurance policy of some sort !