Trump confronts new ObamaCare reality

The Trump administration is now confronted with the challenge of deciding how to oversee ObamaCare, a law it fiercely opposes but that is still on the books.

With the Senate’s failure to repeal the healthcare law last month, the Trump administration now has pressing questions to answer about how it will manage a system that provides insurance to more than 10 million people.

President Trump has threatened to cancel key ObamaCare payments to insurers as part of an effort to make the law “implode.” But he is yet to follow through on that threat, leaving insurers in a state of uncertainty.

The next sign-up period for enrolling in ObamaCare begins Nov. 1. The Obama administration ran advertisements to encourage enrollment, but Trump officials have signaled that promotion effort might come to an end.

Indeed, the Trump administration canceled some ObamaCare ads upon taking office in January, which was the end of the last sign-up period.


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source: http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/345962-trump-officials-confront-new-obamacare-reality