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Why Trump Gets Missunderstood

On CNN’s “New Day,” Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) remarked that President Trump “has a way of expressing things to where there is doubt” in what he says.

Co-host John Berman asked, “Do you believe what the president says, when he talks about what happened with Michael Cohen, do you believe him?”

Rounds replied, “I think the president has a way of expressing things to where there is doubt in what he is telling us, and I think just as many people across the United States want to see this president succeed in what he’s trying to get done.”

  • Rich

    Our President is a salesmen by trade and it is normal to embellish details. No mater what he is selling. He is a free trader so he is always trying to make a deal. When he adds a tariff he has something to deal with. I believe he is trying to get to zero tariffs on both sides. Try to understand what he is trying to accomplish and less of how he gets there. Remember it is better to ask for a lot and settle for want you want than to offer what you want and end up getting screwed. Give him a little trust and see what good things happen.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Yes, he’s one helluva one too. In fact the salesmen’s term “Blue Sky” does remind me of the very same phrase in a (I think) ’40’s tune that, in part, goes: ” … ‘Blue Skies? Nothin’ but ‘Blue Skies’ do I see”, every time I hear him tout an idea or proposal. (It’s a heck of a lot better than the lowered expectations of, “Wear a Sweater”, or “New Normal”, of previous administrations.)

      • Rich

        If they have huge tariffs and we have zero then we have nothing. If we ad an equal or larger tariff we have something to trade away. The idea is to get to zero zero. I find his blunt talk refreshing. GO PRES. Live free or die

    • rad77red

      When you’ve been in sales all your life , you learn to sell what you have !!!

  • John Gasper

    Who is this gutless politician!!!! I perfectly understand Trump when Trump talks or tweets. Maybe because Trump doesn’t speak Politician these “politicians” can’t garner the true meaning of his SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh…. and it does seem the American conservative public understands his speak!!!!

  • Mark Patterson

    I’ve often worked with people who want to achieve the same goals as I do. But if they “stab people in the back”, or grossly disrespect others along the way, I can’t accept their methodology. A good example of this was Trump’s performance in Puerto Rico, after a hurricane had demolished much of the island, was nothing short of disgraceful. Far too often Trump takes personal credit for achievements that his team has garnered. Also, he speaks as though certain issues are resolved when they are not. For example he once declared that he had “de-nuclearized” the Korean Peninsula. Really? Then where are the nukes, Donald?

  • Shelly Shannon

    Why do these Republicans keep going on CNN? This Comunist Network is nonamerican and worthless. Just what exactly does Trump say that is not plain english? He is blunt and to the point. Polititions and the MSM who twist his words to fit their agenda, that includes rhinos, are the only ones that have a problem with Trump speak. Feckless idiots!!