Trump: Schumer a ‘Bad Leader’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” President Donald Trump said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had “turned out to be a bad leader and was hurting the country.

Partial transcript as follows:

TRUMP: Well, I think things generally tend to go a little bit slower than you’d like them to go.


TRUMP: Just a system. It’s just a very, very bureaucratic system. I think the rules in Congress and in particular the rules in the Senate are unbelievably archaic and slow moving. And in many cases, unfair. In many cases, you’re forced to make deals that are not the deal you’d make. You’d make a much different kind of a deal.

You’re forced into situations that you hate to be forced into. I also learned, and this is very sad, because we have a country that we have to take care of. The Democrats have been totally obstructionist. Chuck Schumer has turned out to be a bad leader. He’s a bad leader for the country. And the Democrats are extremely obstructionist.

All they do is obstruct. All they do is delay. Even our Supreme Court justice, as you know, who I think is going to be outstanding, Justice Gorsuch. I think that it was disgraceful the way they handled that. But, you know, I still have people, I’m waiting for them to be approved. Our chief trade negotiator. We can’t get these people through.

DICKERSON: I want to get to–

TRUMP: They are obstructionists. And you know what that’s hurting? It’s hurting the country.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/04/30/trump-schumer-bad-leader-hurting-country/

  • RockinOn

    Schumer is definitely, but we have some Paul Ryan’s, Mitch McConnells, and many Rinos, who not any better!

    • Niko

      Don’t foeget the filthy CRINOS – CHRISTIAN IN NAME ONLY, dirtbags sewing the seeds of unwanted illegals and muslime filth throughout America with taxpayer’s money. CIVIL WAR comes closer and closer to being a reality. Shmucky schumshit and all his cohorts need to be swinging from a gallows pole… Keep calm and fix bayonets ,is totaly correct!!!!!.

      • Eileen Ross

        You’re right! And the swamp has not been drained, nor will it be, due to the fact that all of these scumbags are friends of the State. Let’s not kid ourselves, things have not changed, even though they are trying to make us believe otherwise. I don’t buy it.

        • Niko

          Eileen you are right on the money!!!!!. I only voted for Trump so he can pick someone to put on the Supreme Court that’s worth a damn and he did that. I also voted for him because of Mike Pence but as of the last thing I read about him and what his family did in Indonesia by donning headscarves,i am against Mike Pence , he has no understanding on filthy shitlamic promoting stupidity.

          • Eileen Ross

            I actually supported Trump fully, until I saw him start to waiver. I still made excuses for him such as, “sly like a fox”, and so forth. But after daughter Ivanka lied about “just going to be a daughter”, when she and her crooked husband, both liberals who ran with Chelsea Clinton, knew they were going to became Trump’s top advisors, that did it! Then Pence making that deal with Australia involving the Syrian refugees, the Obamacare debacle, and now the “wall”/Planned Parenthood farce.
            I’m sure you have been reading about Jared Kushner, but in case you haven’t seen this one, here it is:

          • Niko

            I know all about them. I am 4th generation in NYC. I worked at Trump Tower as a union sheetmetal worker. I have talked to Trump personally on several occasions for more than a few minutes , he is a kind and decent man. Trump has to throw his daughter and that filthy kushner piece of shit on the back burner for good. America is in a sad state of affairs, all you and I can do and stay vigilante and prepared!!!!!.

          • Eileen Ross

            Thanks for that info Niko, I suspected that Trump is a kind man. What I don’t understand is why would he allow Kushner to be his advisor, when he HAS to know about his affiliation with Soros. And then there is Ivanka………

          • Niko

            And there lies the answer, being kind, he’s kind in heart and mind ,listening to all. I agree promises should be kept but we have a bit to go. Hopefully he surprises his base. Let’s be fair to the old adage blood is thicker than water and politics…

          • Eileen Ross

            That blood could be the further ruination of our country.

      • RockinOn

        Trump is wavering slightly from course every now and then, I am hoping he maintains him aim at the goals set ! He seems to try to use Ivanka and Jared too much, knowing that there is some conflict of ideals and goals for a conservatives mind ! Keep your powder dry, things could get weird ! Don’t trust anyone with a D on their shirt ! D stands for Dumb— Democrap !

    • william couch

      Schuman is upset because he thinks trump stole his coloring book….

      • RockinOn

        Can’t even keep it in the lines, as with most Democraps, the run all over the page! And Laws!

        • william couch

          Yeah, to a demonrat there called boarders.. PUTOLOSIE & waters the “QUEEN of WATT’S” share each others.


    Where is that Term Limits we heard about during the campaign? There are way too many senile, old, imbeciles of both parties in the Congress and Senate.

    • Gen11American

      Nancy Pelosi is proving we definitely need an age limit for Congresspersons, and Justice Ginsburg is proving we need an age limit for those serving on the SC. If Americans are put on Medicare at age 65, I fail to see why Congresspersons & SC Justices should still be serving beyond age 75. I find it disgusting when oldsters hang on to power until they make embarrassing spectacles of themselves.

      • william couch

        You forgot waters.. She got a MTV award for being black this past weekend.. The “QUEEN of WATTS”….

    • Carolyn Brack-Jackson


  • 4grands

    And Trump is right. The others that are creating obstruction are the press. It’s great that Trump is calling the obstructionists out. They need to be named and hung out to dry!