Americans Could Face “Lose-Lose” Situation Thanks to Fed

In 2018, the Fed raised rates four times, despite signs the economy is not doing well. Here’s how the Fed’s tunnel vision could result in a “lose-lose” situation for all Americans…

Peter Reagan, February 11, 2019

In December, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates yet again, with Fed Chair Jerome Powell claiming “the economy is in great shape.” But is it?

After the rate hike was announced, the Dow dropped 350 points, following an overall 3,000 point plunge since October 3. And while the Fed says “both overall inflation and inflation for items other than food and energy remain near 2 percent,” worrying signs abound, such as energy inflation topping 3.1%.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Fed is not only determined to raise rates, but they are continuing to unwind their unprecedented program of Quantitative Easing.

Sadly, it’s this tunnel vision that could result in a “lose-lose” situation for everyone.

The Impossible “Magic Trick” Causing Uncertainty

According to Dave Kranzler, “the system is screwed,” saying it doesn’t matter what the Fed does going forward. He believes the money printing, credit creation and artificially low interest rates over the last 10 years have fueled a “lose-lose” situation.

Peter Schiff points out the disconnect between the Fed’s actions and expectations:

“Just after Powell admitted the Fed was not considering slowing down its balance sheet reduction the stock market tanked. It seems that some investors figured out that the Fed is attempting to pull the table out from under the cloth. The Fed still expects the dishes to levitate!”

Clearly, the Fed’s attempt at an impossible magic trick isn’t working, and it’s causing uncertainty in the markets.

With rates are on their way to a 10-year high, we have a recipe for disaster.

How to Hedge Against the Risk

As the Fed continues to generate uncertainty, the risks surrounding your retirement savings will only continue to grow.

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