See What BLM Punks Did to An Elderly White Man When He Tries to Walk Past

There is only one brand of punks in this country that thinks it possess the right to bully an elderly man over his s-called “white privilege” and those punks are the member of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Washington, D.C., station WTTG said that BLM punks commandeered Massachusetts Avenue Wednesday in front of the Fraternal Order of Police’s office to protest police brutality. After this, they proceeded to prevent white people from passing though by car, bike or foot. In the Facebook video clip  of this incident, one can almost hear a protester saying to an elderly white man:

Use your white privilege to walk around, sir.

The news site added at the time that the BLM punks wanted to remain in that place for 28 hours which was the exact number of hours that the body of deceased thug, Mike Brown lay on the street in Ferguson, Missouri after he was shot in self-defense by a police officer back in 2014. In the video, another protester can be heard saying:

No longer will we allow the bodies of black people to lay on the ground or for police officers to call union representatives before calling medical assistance for black people they have just murdered.

We don’t know how the dead people would need medical assistance.

Regardless of that, what the BLM protesters did will not favor their movement: purposefully discriminate against an elderly white man. They should understand that they are not going to get respect if they don’t give it in the first place.

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