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ALERT: United States Issues Terrifying Warning

The US has issued a new terror alert for all of Europe.

This bothers me since my son may be heading to Britain on business. In the last four weeks, there have been four separate terror attacks on Europe. ISIS is believed to be behind all of them. The warning covers virtually everywhere you would go as just about everywhere is a soft target for terrorists. It’s extremely worrying. If you don’t have to go to Europe, don’t. It’s just not worth the risk these days.

Spring and Summer are times when Americans typically go on vacation and Europe has always been enticing because it is starkly different when compared to America. But the refugee crisis has planted Islamists all over the place and they are planning attacks and carrying them out at will. People are dying… it should make all of us think twice about how we go about our lives. Cities that have been hit recently include Paris, Stockholm, London, Normandy, Nice and Berlin. We are also not immune to attacks here in the US, but they are far fewer here.

From Breitbart:

The U.S. government has issued a new terror alert for citizens travelling to Europe after the continent played host to four jihadi attacks in just four weeks.

The State Department cited terror attacks in Britain, France, and Sweden as evidence of Islamic State’s ability “to plan and execute terrorist attacks in Europe”.


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