DHS Says Immigration at ‘Breaking Point’

Top Trump officials contend that the immigration system is hitting the breaking point, something exacerbated by the death of an 8-year-old boy.

A statement was released by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen covering the increasingly problematic situation being faced by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

In the statement Nielsen reveals that there has been an 86% increase in illegal crossing and that many of those crossing were made by unaccompanied children.

Nielsen detailed how the failing system for immigration was playing a role in that increase, faulting a system that rewards those who cheat the system while forcing those who abide by the rules to wait.

“This changing dynamic is the direct result of obvious draw factors: an immigration system that rewards parents for sending their children across the border alone, a system that prevents parents who bring their children on a dangerous and illegal journey from facing consequences for their actions, an asylum process that is not able to quickly help those who qualify for asylum, a system that encourages fraudulent claims, and a system that encourages bad actors to coach aliens into making frivolous claims. The bottom line is that 9 out 10 asylum claims are rejected by a federal immigration judge.”

Of course, Nielsen was by no means suggesting that there be open borders, rather that great reform was necessary to have a system in place that truly works.

“Our system has been pushed to a breaking point by those who seek open borders … I am proud of the lifesaving work the men and women of the Border Patrol do every day, but we do not currently have the resources we need to execute the mission as directed by Congress,” Neilson concluded before calling on Congress to work together for a solution.