Dems Blame Trump For Border Crisis

Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) described the crisis at the U.S. border as  “a self-created chaotic situation by the president.” Castro then demanded the President return to the “orderly process” for asylum which previous presidents utilized.

Castro said, “[T]his was a self-created chaotic situation by the president. He has used migrants from day one, even before he became president, during the campaign, as the number one political boogeyman for him. He has weaponized resentment and fear of migrants, basically to his political benefit. And that’s why you see him do a lot of things that he does with respect to migration and immigration.”

 “Democratic and Republican administrations have had an orderly process for asylum. And this president has basically knocked all that — destroyed all that. And what he needs to do is re-establish that orderly process for petitioning for asylum.”