FBI Actively Investigating A Jaw-Dropping Number of ISIS Operatives Present in U.S.

FBI Director James Comey addressed intelligence officials recently and disclosed that his agency is currently investigating a shocking 900 ISIS operatives, recruits, and Islamic State inspired individuals who are present in the United States.

Comey also stated that that number is slowly growing.

The rare admission comes as Comey admits that the FBI is having a very difficult time keeping up with their current anti-ISIS caseload. As an example of the difficulties the agency is experiencing, Comey pointed to the recent Fourth of July where threats of an attack caused the FBI to ramp up it’s anti-terrorist investigations.

“If that becomes the new normal,” Comey said of the Fourth of July activities, “That would be hard to keep up.”

According to USA Today

Comey said that the total number of inquiries is “slowly climbing” as ISIL has sought to expand their reach into the U.S., targeting largely young, disaffected potential operatives through a provocative social media campaign.

The national scope of U.S.-based extremist inquiries has been the subject of much recent discussion. But rarely has there been a public reference to a number of such investigations.

Since July 1, the director said, investigators have been tracking a decline in numbers of Americans seeking to travel to Syria to join forces with ISIL. But it is unclear how that drop-off may be affecting the domestic threat.

“Something has happened that is flattening the curve (the number of travelers),” he said.


What do you think of this new revelation of the growing number of terrorist threats facing us here in the U.S,?