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Fed Up ‘Refugee’ Goes Back Home, The Reason Why Will Make You Livid

One fed up [read: lazy, whiny, entitled] Iraqi refugee, Faisal Uday Faisal, was willing to come clean to reporters about his time in Europe during the ‘migrant crisis’ and his decision to go back home to Baghdad.

While not every refugee is like Faisal, there are too many with stories similar to his in one way or another. After all, with more than 80% of the migrants being young men of around Faisal’s age, it turns out that what motivates many of these ‘refugees’ — like many young men of his generation around the world — may be much simpler than we thought.

At the very least, before we rush to throw open the front door to these poor people who are ‘fleeing violence and destruction’, we should listen to this guys’ story. 

For Faisal, 25, it seems that Sweden wasn’t able to meet his high standards.

The Washington Post reports that Faisal, 

Had high expectations when he packed his bags for Europe in September.

After quitting his job making tea and cleaning for the Ministry of Education in Baghdad, he set off to Turkey to join more than a million refugees and migrants who have made their way to the continent in the past year.

“My dream since I was a child was to go to Europe,” he said. “I was imagining a beautiful life, a secure life, with an apartment and a salary.”

But despite a grueling month-long journey to Sweden, he came back home — one of a surging number of returnees, Iraqi and international authorities say.

…Some have chosen to leave because they were confused about the asylum process, disillusioned with the lack of opportunities or homesick, while others were forced to go when their asylum claims were rejected.

“It was a boring life there, their food even a cat wouldn’t eat it,” Faisal said of his two months in an asylum center near the Swedish city of Malmo. “I went to Europe and discovered Europe is just an idea. Really, it’s just like Bab al-Sharji,” he said, referring to a Baghdad market neighborhood.

Faisal concedes that he left for economic reasons, the kind of asylum applicant European authorities are trying to sift out from those fleeing violence. He said he decided to “arrange a story” about being threatened by Iraqi militias. “If I was in danger, I wouldn’t have come back,” he said.

Faisal begged his father, who had already spent $8,000 on sending his sons to Europe, to send money so he could come home. “He missed the services here. At home everything is done for him,” said Faisal’s father, Uday Faisal Mohee.

“The problem is, the words Europe or America has such magic for the young people. This one is still affected even though he knows the reality,” he said, pointing to his younger son, who returned to Iraq after being detained in Turkey en route but still wishes to try again.

“There are thousands of Iraqis who have come back, and thousands more that want to,” said Sattar Nowruz, a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement. Iraqi embassies in Europe are scrambling to provide emergency travel documents for those travelling back.

Nowruz said many young Iraqis were encouraged by television broadcasts of hundreds of thousands flocking to Europe this summer. According to the United Nations’ humanitarian organization, 8 percent of the nearly 1 million refugees and migrants who have arrived in Europe by sea this year were Iraqi – nearly 80,000 people.

So this guy quit his job and left a happy home with a family that catered to his every need to chase down a dream of an easy European life. Thank goodness the Swedish taxpayers don’t have to support him anymore.

On the bright side, not all the refugees are ISIS operatives (yay!). Some are just slackers.

It seems like common sense that the U.S. should take care to examine the claims of refugees hoping to come here and set up housekeeping at taxpayer expense. Most Americans would be happy to help out someone truly fleeing persecution but would have a much harder time accepting guys like Faisal who clearly have no dire need nor any inclination to contribute.

Why does the left want to paint anyone who questions the validity of a refugee’s claims a racist?