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This Foreign Leader Now Singing a New Tune On Trump

Earlier in this presidential race, when more people were convinced that a Trump nomination was unlikely, former Mexican President Vicente Fox felt comfortable coming out with a bold statement, telling the world that he wasn’t “going to pay for that f*cking wall.”

Now that Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee and a Trump presidency is looking like a definite possibility, Fox wants to change his tune.

He recently came out with an apology for Trump. Of course, he wants an apology of his own from Trump. Good luck with that.

Fox was feeling like Mexico had the upper hand back in February when he made his statement. After all, the U.S. gives Mexico everything it wants while accepting millions and millions of illegals who send billions in remittances back to their families in Mexico.

Because of U.S. generosity (or naïveté and gullibility), Mexico has no incentive to overhaul its corrupt system that keeps millions in poverty while allowing drug cartels to run the country.

What do you make of Fox’s apology to Trump?

Here is Fox telling Univision two months ago that he wasn’t “going to pay for that f*cking wall”: