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Former INS Officer on Vetting Syrian Refugees: ‘Compassion Is Not About Suicide’

This year is the third anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings where two Muslim immigrants from Chechnya killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

Former INS Officer Michael Cutler and Ira Mehlman spoke with Newsmax’s J.D. Hayworth recently to discuss Congressman Dave Brat’s call for the American people to “weigh in with their leaders” to make sure that the vetting process for Syrian refugees is not circumvented in Obama’s zeal to flood the country with more Muslims who may have been infiltrated by terror groups like ISIS.

According to reports that are coming out of Washington, D.C., the Obama administration is cutting every corner it can in order to shorten the normally 18-month vetting process down to a mere three months. This is critical, considering that the administration has been warned by top experts like FBI director James Comey that the databases and information necessary to vet refugees properly is not in place in war-torn Syria. This would make it simpler for terrorists to slip through the process.

Cutler told Newsmax that the Tsarnaev brothers are a good example of when “we’ve seen where the system has failed to vet people.”

“The Tsarnaev brothers … got political asylum and they were naturalized.”

“Why in the world would we open our doors to people who may well want to kill us when the obvious solution is to keep them in their home area, provide for them there?”

“It’s far more cost-effective.”

“Compassion is not about suicide. Suicide is not an act of compassion,” he added. “We may well be committing suicide with Obama’s policies.”

What do you think of Obama’s rushing of the vetting process for the Syrian refugees? Is he putting us all in danger?