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Gowdy Nails Lynch: We Have a Two-Tier Justice System

Trey Gowdy didn’t earn his reputation as a ‘Pit Bull’ for being meek and mild when it comes to pointing out injustice and corruption.

Take the recent hearing in D.C. where he faced Attorney General Loretta Lynch and asked her a string of questions designed to get at the heart of what was behind her baffling decision to take a private meeting with President Bill Clinton just days before announcing that she would accept the FBI’s recommendation concerning Hillary Clinton’s investigation.

Gowdy declared that questioning Lynch was a waste of time, that Lynch was too preoccupied with protecting her presidential candidate to be bothered with the truth. Or even doing her job.

Gowdy laid out how there seem to be two sets of laws in this country… one for people like the Clintons and one for the rest of us.

Lynch failed to directly answer a single question Gowdy put forward.

Do you think Gowdy nailed correctly the big problem with our justice system?