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ISIS Murdered This Man’s Son, See How He Delivered Legendary Payback

It’s not everyday a single person can go against the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization and strike fear in their hearts.

But one Iraqi did just that after he killed members of ISIS to avenge his 18-year-old son’s abduction and murder by the group.

IJ review writes:

When Basil Ramadan received the heartbreaking news that his son had been murdered by ISIS terrorists, he took justice into his own hands.

The Islamic State captured Ramadan’s son, 18-year-old Ahmed Basil Ramadan, while he was working undercover for the Iraqi government. He was attempting to infiltrate the ISIS security force.

The jihadists chose to make an example of him and seven other hostages. The men were dressed in bright orange uniforms like Guantanamo Bay prisoners, and forced to kneel in front of a camera.

The Daily Mail reported on what happened next:

Their hands are handcuffed behind their backs and each Islamic State fighter appears to be holding their victim’s neck as they march to their deaths.

They appear to have been taken to a quiet area away from the city, possibly under a motorway bridge, near the river. Forced to kneel down and unable to see, the prisoners wait as each Islamic State fighter draws their pistol and takes aim.
Following the massacre, the Islamic State plastered video of the executions all over the Internet.

After seeing the video, which listed his son by name, Basil Ramadan wanted revenge. The father, in his 60s, grabbed an AK-47 and attacked an ISIS checkpoint like a one-man army.

The grieving father racked up a body count of seven before he was killed – avenging his son’s death sevenfold on the brutal terrorist organization.

The courage and bravery demonstrated by Basil Ramadan is the kind that books and songs are written about.

When it seemed like all was lost Ramadan went into the lion’s den. Though he didn’t come back from his mission, 7 less ISIS militants can be argued to be an accomplishment.

If only Obama would unleash special forces itching for a fight to take care of ISIS.

You can be sure they’ll be able to dispatch more than just 7 ISIS soldiers.

Is Basil Ramadan a hero?

Let us know in the comments below.