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At Least One European Country Doesn’t Have A Problem Making Migrants Pay Their Way

As countries all around Europe and Scandinavia are being crushed under the financial burden of having to pay for all the migrants who’ve flooded their nations after German Chancellor Angela Merkel basically threw out the red carpet last year, the small nation of Switzerland has devised a plan to have the migrants contribute at least in small part to their own upkeep.

Other liberal nations have criticized the practice, but the Swiss apparently see this as the only economically sound way to go forward.

They are implementing new integration laws that allow authorities to confiscate any valuables belonging to migrants that are worth more than 1,000 Swiss francs. They also plan to tax any future earnings of the migrants at a rate of 10 percent.

Denmark tried something similar, but lost heart and backed down when the UN refugee agency compared them to Nazi Germany. 

Of course, Switzerland wouldn’t have to force the migrants to pay their way if they didn’t feel they had to allow so many into their country in the first place. Instead of following Denmark’s example, they might consider adopting Hungary’s stance (they stopped accepting migrants back in October) or even Slovakia’s (they will only accept Christians).

What do you think of Switzerland’s plan to deal with migrants?