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‘Make America Mexico Again’ – Anti-Trumpers Wreak Havoc While Waving Mexican Flags

While freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are sacred to many Americans, including the anti-Trump crowd, it is unclear what this group hopes to gain by using tactics that range from illegally blocking streets and harassing Trump supporters to outright violent attacks on Trump supporters and vandalism and destruction of police cars.

Another aspects of the the recent protests in California is the overwhelming number of Mexican flags being waved, while American flags are burned and chants of “Mexico, Mexico” are shouted.

If illegal aliens from Mexico want to be considered for American citizenship via amnesty, it hardly seems logical to wave a Mexican flag around while chanting “Mexico.” Isn’t that just telling everyone that you prefer to identify with your Mexican citizenship or heritage over that of the country you’re currently standing in?

Every nation has the responsibility to its citizens to secure their borders in order to ensure their safety. Mexico certainly polices its southern border quite aggressively.

Why do Mexicans feel entitled to cross our border at will?

The answer to that has to do with history. In 1848, Mexico ceded a large part of its territory to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Apparently, many Mexicans want that territory back:

Protesters burn the American flag while declaring that “Our ancestors would be proud of us, that’s fo sho”:


Anti-Trumper sucker punches Trump supporter in the back of the head:

Trump supporter recounts a story of being physically attacked: