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Natl Border Patrol Council: Border Patrol Forced to ‘Let Everyone We Catch Out the Door’

Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, Shawn Moran, went on Fox News’ Hannity program to announce that the council was endorsing Donald Trump’s campaign.

Moran told host Sean Hannity that

“I think the American people don’t understand the full breadth of this problem. We have a president who has appointed a commissioner of Customs and Border Protection who is more political than ever, and they have carved out our immigration laws, by policy, where Border Patrol agents are basically letting everyone we catch out the door. So, that’s not border security.

We need a president who understands the problem, who is going to put the right political appointees in there, and who is going to let Border Patrol agents go out and enforce the law. That’s what’s going to make us safer.”

Hannity then asked Moran if it was true that the Border Patrol has to deal with Mexican gang members, murderers, and rapists.

“Absolutely, Sean. We are up against the most violent criminals in the Western Hemisphere, in the Mexican cartels. Gang members are coming across that border from MS-13, from every gang imaginable. They are trying to get across that border. They have committed crimes here, they have killed Border Patrol agents. No other candidate is going to take that as seriously as Donald Trump.”

Do you think the Obama administration’s policy of not enforcing the immigration laws or the border put Americans in danger?