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Obama Released 200 Murders & 900 Sex Offenders in 2015 – The Disturbing Reason Why

In 2015, Obama released nearly 20,000 criminals. Among these criminals were 200 murders and 900 sex offenders.

The question is, why would Obama do such a thing? Doesn’t he care about the safety of law-abiding Americans?

Well, the reason Obama has released these criminals is deeply disturbing. The Federalist Papers reports:

In 2015, the feds released almost 20,000 criminal illegal aliens, including more than 200 murderers and 900 sex offenders.

If these were American citizens, they would never be released. But because they’re illegal aliens, “off you go!” Disgusting.

Illegal aliens with criminal convictions were released into every state and locality in the United States. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released a total of 19,723 illegals with criminal sentences who had a total of 64,197 convictions – or 3.25 each the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is reporting. In addition, there were 12,307 drunk driving convictions.

Shockingly, this number is actually down from 2013 and 2014, when 36,007 and 30,558 criminal aliens were released, respectively. ICE Director Sarah Saldana credits the drop in releases to “enhanced oversight,” but CIS is calling bull.

Nice try, but in fact the main reason that fewer criminals were released in 2015 is because fewer criminals were arrested to begin with. In 2015, ICE made 119,772 arrests, or just half the number of arrests made in 2013 (232,287). Under the strict enforcement rules implemented as part of President Obama’s executive actions announced in 2014, ICE officers are forced to ignore a large share of the criminal aliens they identify in jails or who are referred by local law enforcement agencies.

The impact of releasing that many criminals into society is huge. So far, 124 of these criminals illegals released have been charged with homicide. And the odds that these criminal illegal aliens will re-offend is high, as 71 percent of violent offenders re-offend within five years of being release.

Thank God Obama has less than a year left before he’s out of the White House. Let’s just hope he isn’t replaced by another liberal who likes putting murders and sex offenders back on the streets!

(Image credit: The Federalist Papers)