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It’s Official! Taxpayer Dollars Now Flowing to THIS Group

Do you have a child in college who you’re paying out-of-state tuition for? It’s brutal, isn’t it?

Too bad you’re not an illegal alien in California.

University of California president Janet Napolitano recently announced that taxpayer money – to the tune of $25.2M – is now going to go toward footing the bill for illegal aliens who want to attend college in California.

As The College Fix reports,

Napolitano, who served as Secretary of Homeland Security from 2009 to 2013 and was charged with protecting the nation’s borders and immigration rule of law, now is propping up students in the country illegally, saying in announcing the allotment that “we are committed to continuing a path forward for undocumented students at the University of California. This funding will further strengthen the university’s undocumented student initiative, and help ensure that these students receive the support and resources they need to succeed.”

System leaders have pledged $8.4 million a year for the next three school years — a total of $25.2 million through 2019 — for undocumented student support across its 10 campuses, a decision that is a “done deal,” Claire Doan, a spokeswoman for the University of California Office of the President, confirmed Wednesday in an email to The College Fix.

Part of that aid will be used to fund the system’s DREAM loan program, which makes student loans available to students in the country illegally who are not eligible for federal aid. Students will repay their loans back into the DREAM loan fund, system officials state.

The money will also pay for student services staff coordinators, “targeted undergraduate and graduate fellowships,” textbooks, and undocumented legal services, the system announced.

Does it come as any surprise that the woman who was in charge of Homeland Security during the Obama administration would now come out in favor of forcing American taxpayers to fund illegal aliens?