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O’Reilly Calls Out Former GOP Candidate for LYING About Trump

Donald Trump seems to be the one candidate whose words both Democrats and Republicans alike love to misrepresent, twist, and outright lie about. Being an outspoken, larger-than-life personality, he does make it easy for his critics.

Take, for example, former GOP candidate Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham, who is a Fox News favorite for some inexplicable reason, was largely ignored by the voters during his campaign. Graham appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and had this to say about Trump:

“You’re not going to deport 11 million immigrants and their children that are born in the United States. That’s not practical. And when you say most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers, you’re wrong….”

“He didn’t say that,” O’Reilly interrupted. ““He was basically referring to the coyotes who bring up the people smugglers, who bring up the poor migrants to the border and they, as you know, have been abusing women like crazy all throughout Mexico. He didn’t articulate that the way he should have. But I did that interview, and I know what he was referring to.”

“Well, I disagree with you there,” Graham replied.

Is anyone really surprised that the man who continued to think he had a shot at the presidency while polling at a solid 0% for months disagrees with the truth?