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Scott Baio protects Trump

Actor Scott Baio is best known for his roles on TV sitcoms, Charles in Charge and Happy Days. Because he is a member of the TV and movie making community, one would think Baio is a liberal — most people in the drama industry are liberals.

Unfortunately, many actors complain that if he or she is a conservative, they will not get work. Thus, they keep their political views to themselves out of fear they’ll lose opportunities.  Thankfully, Scott Baio is not one of those conservatives.

“I don’t give a sh_t about Hollywood liberals,” said conservative Hollywood actor and outspoken President Donald J. Trump supporter Scott Baio, 56, making it clear that he does not pander to his colleagues that are known to shun anyone in the industry who doesn’t lean to the left.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Baio stated that he won’t let Hollywood dictate his political views. “My country comes first. I guess I’m just an old, angry, successful white guy who stole everything he has from someone else,” he quipped.

 “They’re gonna hate the guy no matter what,” Baio said, pointing out that President Trump can’t win with the left. “If he cured cancer, they’d be on him for putting oncologists out of business.”

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