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Ted Cruz Wrecks Bernie Sanders

In a debate in which his opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) referred to the Koch brothers twelve times, Sen. Ted. Cruz (R-TX) wrecked Democrats’ attempts to “scaremonger” about the dangers of big money in politics.

Political funding for Democrats and the broader left eclipses that for Republicans and the broader right, said Cruz on Wednesday during a CNN-hosted town hall debate in Washington, D.C.

Cruz noted that the largest political donors primarily fund Democrats:

You know, there’s a pattern you see of Democrats, which is they try to scaremonger. And so their latest villain is the Koch brothers, and they say this money and politics is what it’s all about.

But, you know, John Adams said facts are stubborn things. Here are some facts. You look at 2014. In 2014, of the top 20 groups that gave money to politics, I guess listening to Bernie they were all Republican, no? That’s not the case. Sixteen of the top 20 gave primarily to Democrats.

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