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Unbelievable! Germany Does This to Citizens Protesting New Years Eve ‘Rapefugees’

We’ve seen how Angela Merkel has colluded with social media giants like Mark Zuckerberg to suppress the speech of German citizens who object to the dangers their government’s policy of accepting hundreds of thousands of migrants of unknown origin has put them in.

We’ve also seen how hundreds of women around Germany can be attacked on the same night while the police did nothing to intervene.

The police chief of Cologne admitted (in the first video below) they had no suspects in custody but said the men involved appeared to be of North African or Arab descent.

The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker quickly denied the police chief’s contention that these assaults were from Muslim migrants and instead lectured the German women that they need to adhere to a “code of conduct” or they’re basically “asking for it.”

So the German government does nothing to stem the flow of refugees, the police do nothing to intervene while hundreds of women are attacked, but when German citizens take to the street to protest the “rapefugees” their government is importing? The police turn on the water cannons and douse the peaceful protesters with pepper spray.

Well done, Merkel. Left unchecked, her policies will lead to devastating consequences. As several political experts have stated recently, “Goodbye, Germany.”