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Fox Host Slams Obama for Silence on This Issue

It took two days for the FBI to come to the conclusion that the shooting attack in San Bernardino was an act of terror. Which was two days longer than it took for the average American whose mind isn’t completely addled by the disease known as political correctness to come to that determination.

In all of that time, the President and his minions in the media had the gall to repeatedly muse on camera that the attack could have been a result of ‘workplace violence.’

But since the FBI has come out with the determination of terrorism? It has been complete silence from Obama on the issue.

Instead, as Charles Krauthammer points out, the president is off chatting with former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords on how he can curtail gun rights.

On her Fox News show, Megyn Kelly demanded to know where the president was during this time when his country needs him.

“Where is he? And why isn’t he coming on camera tonight to address the nation?

“We look to our president as commander in chief and, at a time like this, as Comforter in Chief. And I don’t mean to say that this is the same as 9/11, but this is a terrorist attack, the FBI tells us it’s so.”

Charles Krauthammer pointed out that Obama is busy meeting with Gabby Giffords to discuss gun control, noting this was the president’s first reaction to Wednesday’s shooting.

“This is the only time when he shows any passion, on gun control. Which is a total irrelevance when it comes to international terrorism.

“The problem with ISIS is not a gun control problem. The French have the strongest gun control laws in the world, and they’ve been hit three times now in this calendar year by acts of mass murder.”

“He is interested in gun control far more than this issue. When you weigh the threat of one against the threat of the other — what’s happening in the Middle East, happening in Europe, and now has reached our shores — it’s nearly incomprehensible.”