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GOP Senator Gives Obama Brutal Spelling Lesson

President Obama and his minions have long denied the link between Islam and terrorism. The president continues to go out of his way to avoid saying the phrase “Islamic terrorism” or “Islamic extremists.” Obama continues to reject the notion that ISIL has anything to do with Islam.

Recently, following a terror attack in which two Islamic extremists murdered fourteen Americans, one senator had enough. Senator Sasse (R-NE), in a speech before the Senate, gave the president an important spelling lesson.

He taught the president what the letter ‘I’ in ‘ISIL’ stands for.

Sasse said,

Mr. President, this is lunacy. First, while the White House is insisting that no one use the word Islamic, or note any connection between the war that we’re facing and some subset of Islam. Even as the White House insists that no one use the word, their own preferred adjective, ISIL, or ISIS, begins with an “I.”

Every fourth grader in America can deduce without any assistance from Vanna White what the rest of the word that begins with an “I” is. And yet the White House insists that no one should use the word. Mr. President, they are dealing with a world they wish were so, as opposed to the world that we are called to struggle.