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At Least 14 Might Still Be Alive If State Dept. Hadn’t Missed This Glaring Lie On Terrorist Bride’s Visa App

Well, this is awkward. Apparently President Obama’s State Department allowed a terrorist to waltz right into the country without even checking to see if everything Tashfeen Malik had entered onto her visa application was truthful.

Malik not only used a fake address for her ‘fiance visa,’ but the town she listed as her home town? Doesn’t even exist, according to ABC News

But that didn’t stop the government from letting her in.

Is this the sort of ‘rigorous’ vetting process that Obama and his minions keep telling us about? If so, then we certainly have a lot more bloodshed to look forward to on American soil once all those poor jihadis Obama wants to bring in finally get here. Not to mention all those pouring over our wide open southern border…

When State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau was asked during a recent press conference whether she was satisfied with the application process that led to Malik getting into the country she said without hesitation, “Yes.”

“How can you say that with such assurance?” One reporter asked.

“Because we stand behind our screening process for visas,” Trudeau told reporters.

“We continue to revise, we continue to look at this. But these are process that happens around the world, every day, in our U.S. embassies. And while we won’t get ahead of this investigation, the process that visa applicants go through continues to be improved.

It was improved after 9/11, something that we look at every day. But at this stage, you know, we stand behind those processes.”


Does the fact that the State Department is so assured of their own infallibility in the face this major failure give you any cause to feel confident about the thousands of new ‘Syrian refugees’ that should be hitting our shores any day now?