Sanders Demands Pelosi Get ‘Serious’ About Job

With the government shutdown barreling along, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had some choice words of advice for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sanders called out Pelosi for her seemingly flippant interest in attempting to ratify the government shutdown.

“Nancy Pelosi has been unwilling to do anything, and it’s simply not going to work, and it’s not going to fix the problem,” Sanders said. “She’s gotta get serious about doing her job, and not just be serious about being a political figure.”

This comes after the White House attempted to hold a  lunch meeting to negotiate terms to reopen the government. A meeting which Democrats completely disregarded with not a single representative present.

“Democrats have got to stop ignoring the problem, sit down with the president at the table and help us come to a solution,” Sanders continued. “It’s now time for the Democrats to work with us and fix this problem. So far, they’ve been unwilling to do so.”

Sanders also took time to credit President Donald Trump for his effort to bring politicians together, yet signified that he cannot resolve the issue alone.

“The president will negotiate, but at this point, he’s not going to negotiate with himself,” Sanders said. “He’s the only one that has a proposal on the table. Democrats have yet to put anything forward other than obstruction.”

While Democrats within the House have passed several bills to reopen the government, they have largely been token gestures as none of the proposals include funding for a wall to secure the nations border. A requirement the American people have asked for and one that President Trump has promised to deliver.